WordPress Weekend Resources – May 23, 2008

Every week I’m going to start linking out to some interesting WordPress related articles, themes, plugins, and other worthy resources – starting today. Here it goes…

24 Ways To Contribute To WordPress – A great article by Jeff Chandler of Weblogtoolscollection, outlining several ways to contribute to the WordPress community.

10 Twitter Users You Should Follow – This article by Michael Castilla of WPCandy lists 10 users you should follow on Twitter, who frequently “tweet” about WordPress news. I’ve never really got into Twitter, but just in case…here’s my Twitter profile for future reference.

WP Freemium – A great free WordPress theme by Ptah Dunbar. Premium in quality, freemium in price. Looks like it’s great for ad space too.

Matt M To Be On WordPress Weekly – To those of you who don’t know, Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, is scheduled to be on the WordPress Weekly podcast tonight at 9 PM EST.

Best Resources for WordPress – Round 1 – Pavel Ciorici of WPZoom has an excellent list of even more WordPress resources. Check it out.

That’s all for this week. If anyone has any tips for a Twitter newbie (such as myself), feel free to let me know in the comments.


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