NEW! 10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins Compared (Most are Free)

best popup plugins for wordpress

Do you want to add stunning popups to your site to boost conversions?

Popup plugins let you create beautiful popups for your site without touching any code. You can then target your visitors to turn them into email subscribers, buyers, and returning customers.

We’ve picked out the best popup plugins for WordPress so you can find the right one to suit your marketing goals.

Here’s a list of the popup plugins we’ll be covering. Feel free to skip ahead to the plugin you’re most interested in:

  1. OptinMonster
  2. TrustPulse
  3. Bloom
  4. ThriveSuite
  5. HubSpot
  6. Hello Bar
  7. Elementor Pro
  8. Popup Press
  9. Sumo
  10. Convert Pro

What to Look For in a Popup Plugin?

Website popups are wildly popular, and when done right, they can grab the attention of a user and get them to take action.

Before we detail every plugin, let’s quickly look at what makes a great popup plugin.

But if done wrong, popups can be annoying and turn visitors away. So it’s important to choose the right popup plugin that will give you all the features and tools you need to create high-converting popups that appear at the right time and place.

When selecting a popup plugin, here’s what you should look for:

  • Easy set up and use so you won’t have to spend hours creating popups
  • Readymade templates and a visual builder to customize designs
  • Multiple campaign types like popups, floating bars, and slide-ins
  • Integration with email marketing services
  • Targeting options to display popups at the best time
  • Analytics to track performance and optimize results

We’ve selected the plugins in this list based on these factors. We’ve also taken into account their pricing and customer support options so that you can make the best choice.

Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

Below you’ll find the best popup plugins in the market for WordPress sites along with their features, cons, and cost. We’ll also tell you what platforms they work on and how they compare to other popup plugins.

1. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is #1 popup plugin for WordPress. It has powerful features to grow your subscriber list and increase conversions.

OptinMonster comes with beautiful templates and a drag and drop builder so you can easily create customized popups that match your website. Plus, you’ll get access to other campaign types like floating bars, slide-ins, coupon wheels, and inline forms.

Here are a few example campaigns to show you how creative you can be with OptinMonster:


The best part about OptinMonster is its powerful targeting rules. Inside the campaign builder, you can add campaign triggers and target rules to control where, when, and to whom your popup appears. The popular rules include:

  • Exit-Intent®: Recover abandoning visitors with a call to action before they leave your site
  • Page targeting: Show campaigns on specific pages and posts
  • Geo targeting: Customize popups based on the area or country of the user
  • Referral source: Display a popup based on which channel the visitor has come such as Facebook or Google
  • On-Click: Embed popups in buttons and links on your site that appear on click

OptinMonster also lets you connect your popup to popular email service providers like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. So all new leads will automatically be sent to your email account.

After you create your popup, OptinMonster makes it incredibly easy to publish it on your site without any hassle. Then you can track popup performance and get all the important stats inside your dashboard.

OptinMonster has all the features you need to make your popup campaigns a success. You can read more about OptinMonster in our extensive review: OptinMonster Review: Is It the Best Optin & Conversion Tool?


  • Ease of use with templates and a drag and drop builder
  • Unsplash integration with access to unlimited stock images
  • Advanced campaign triggers and targeting rules
  • Yes/No and 2-step optin popups
  • Built-in analytics and A/B testing to optimize results
  • High speed and performance so it won’t slow down your site

Cons: OptinMonster doesn’t offer a free version. However, there’s a 14-day 100% risk-free moneyback guarantee.

Cost: OptinMonster starts at $9 per month. You can get a good deal on this plugin using our OptinMonster coupon.

optinmonster pricing 2021

Platforms: OptinMonster works on any website including WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and even HTML sites. If you ever decide to migrate your site to a different web platform, OptinMonster seamlessly integrates with any site so you’ll never lose your popups and marketing progress.

Comparison: OptinMonster is packed with features to creating stunning popups that actually bring results. It’s used by over 1.2+ million websites across the world. And when compared to other popup plugins, it’s reasonably priced and worth every penny.

Sign up for OptinMonster right away!

2. TrustPulse

trustpulse new homepage

TrustPulse is the best popup tool to increase conversions using social proof.

When you activate TrustPulse on your site, it will automatically track the activity and interests of your visitors. It then creates non-intrusive popups showcasing this activity for other visitors to see.

You get full control over what activity is tracked and displayed. So for instance, you can showcase activity like recent newsletter signups, sales, webinar/event registrations, and more.


Social proof popups can drive sales and conversions by building trust and confidence in visitors. It also adds a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) on your site so visitors will be more likely to take action as they see others are doing the same.

TrustPulse also let you create your own customized message to promote your newsletter, flash sales, products, and more. And the popups are clickable so you can add a link that will take them straight to your signup form, promotion page, checkout, or any other page you like.

Read our complete review to learn more about this plugin: TrustPulse Review: Driving Conversions With the Social Proof App


  • Real-time activity tracker
  • Track individual as well as group activity
  • Smart targeting to show social proof to the right users
  • Fully customizable popups to match your brand
  • Action messages to display your own custom message
  • Integrates with Zapier to capture third-party activity

Cons: The plugin adds its branding to the popups though it’s very small and usually doesn’t pose any problem. If you want to remove the branding, you’ll want to subscribe to the Growth plan.

Cost: TrustPulse offers 4 pricing plans starting at $5 per month. Each of these plans includes a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. For an exclusive discount, use our TrustPulse coupon.

Platforms: TrustPulse works with any website platform. For WordPress sites, you can use the TrustPulse plugin to easily add and manage your social proof popups.

Comparison: TrustPulse is the most affordable social proof popup plugin in the market. It offers the same features at a fraction of the cost compared to its competitors.

Get started with TrustPulse now!

3. Bloom

bloom homepage

Bloom is a WordPress popup plugin built by Elegant Themes. It allows you to create beautiful popup forms right from your WordPress dashboard.

Bloom comes with 100+ built-in templates and 6 campaign types to create customized popups. Although, on closer inspection, most of the templates look alike with a few minor changes.


Bloom integrates with popular email services so you can sync your email account with your lead generation popups.

Added to that, the popup designs are mobile-friendly so they’ll look great for mobile users as well.

Want to know more about this popup maker? See our Bloom review.


  • Built-in templates so you don’t have to build a popup from scratch
  • Detailed reports on Bloom accounts, lists, optins, conversion rates, and data
  • Split testing to find the most effective popups
  • Responsive designs that look good on all devices

Cons: Bloom is not a standalone popup plugin. Instead, it’s bundled along with an Elegant Themes subscription. If you don’t renew your license for the bundle, you’ll lose access to your popups as well.

Added to that, Bloom’s popup builder isn’t a visual one. You’ll need to click on the preview button to view the changes you make to your form.

You’ll also need to keep an eye on your site speed as the plugin can put a load on your site and slow it down.

Cost: Bloom is available inside the Elegant Themes bundle that starts at $89 per year or $249 for lifetime access.

bloom pricing

There’s no trial period available. If you want to test Bloom before purchasing it, you can make use of their live plugin demo site.

Platforms: Works on WordPress sites.

Comparison: Bloom is a good option if you’re already using Elegant Themes. But the popup builder is not as feature-rich as other plugins like OptinMonster. It only has very basic targeting options which may not be enough after while.

Get started with Bloom!

4. ThriveSuite

thrive suite

ThriveSuite is a bundled WordPress plugin similar to Elegant Themes. Inside the suite, you’ll get access to ThriveLeads plugin which allows you to build popups for your site.

ThriveLeads has a drag and drop editor that makes it easy to create popups. You can add targeting rules based on posts, categories, and tags.

It also has actionable reports so you can see how your optin forms are performing over time and where your most valuable traffic comes from.

See our ThriveLeads review for more on this plugin: Thrive Leads Review 2021: Is It the Best WordPress List Building Plugin?


  • Premade templates to create campaigns
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Show/hide popups based on user’s device
  • Seamless integration with email providers and marketing services
  • Split testing to find what works better

Cons: There’s a learning curve with this plugin. This means you may find it difficult in the beginning to get used to the dashboard.

And similar to Bloom, you’ll need to renew your license for the entire suite to get updates for the popup builder.

Cost: ThriveSuite costs $19 per month. You can also opt for quarterly payments at $30 per quarter.

thrive leads pricing

Platforms: ThriveSuite works only with WordPress.

Comparison: ThriveSuite lets you create beautiful popups without touching any code. They have a decent amount of targeting options, too. It’s an excellent alternative to the Bloom plugin but doesn’t match up to what OptinMonster has to offer.

Get started with ThriveSuite!

5. HubSpot

hubspot wordpress plugin live chat email marketing

HubSpot has a free WordPress plugin that makes it easy to add simple popups to your website. 

HubSpot’s popup builder has a user-friendly interface and it comes with many pre-built templates you can use. You can create multiple different types of popups including drop-down banners, slide-in boxes, and more.

hubspot popup builder

You can also customize how your popups look, when they appear, and who sees them. 

Plus, whenever someone fills out your popup form, their information will automatically be added to the built-in CRM. This makes it easy to manage your contacts, segment them into lists, and keep track of every interaction they’ve had with your site. 


  • Easy popup builder, no coding required
  • Mobile-optimized popups that look great on any device
  • Analytics to see how your popups are performing
  • Includes other free tools like email marketing, live chat, CRM, and more

Cons: HubSpot offers fewer features and popup design options compared to other popup plugins like OptinMonster. 

The free plan also includes the HubSpot branding on your forms and popups. You’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan to get rid of it. 

Cost: The HubSpot WordPress plugin is free and includes popups, forms, live chat, email marketing, CRM, and more. Paid plans are available starting at $45 per month. 

hubspot pricing

Platforms: HubSpot has a WordPress plugin as well as an online popup builder that works on any site. 

Comparison: If you’re on a budget and need a free all-in-one marketing plugin to create popups, send emails, and more, HubSpot is a great choice. 

But, the popup builder is not as feature-rich as some of the other plugins on this list, and paid plans are expensive. 

Get started with HubSpot!

6. Hello Bar

hello bar

Hello Bar is a popup builder that lets you create popup bars, modals, alerts, sliders, and more. You can customize every element of the popup to match your website style.

There are 100+ prebuilt popup themes you can choose from. And there’s a design assistant that automatically detects your site design and matches colors, fonts, and styling. This makes things a whole lot easier, especially for beginners.


  • Basic targeting options
  • Custom reporting and data analytics
  • A/B testing to find better campaigns
  • Custom thank you page

Cons: The free plan limits you to 10 popups and 5,000 views per month. You’ll also see the Hello Bar branding on your popups. If you want to remove the branding, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan.

Cost: Hello Bar offers a forever-free plan for up to 5,000 sessions per month. The pro version starts at $29 per month.

hello bar pricing

Platforms: Hello Bar works on all platforms.

Comparison: Hello Bar is a great option for those looking for a free plan for small websites. But as your site grows, you’ll need to create more campaigns and get more pageviews. When you switch to a premium plan, it’s quite an expensive tool.

Added to that, it doesn’t offer as many targeting features and designs as you’d expect for this price.

If you’re serious about growing your leads and sales, then you’ll need to switch to a more powerful popup builder like OptinMonster which is only 1/3rd the cost.

Get started with Hello Bar!

7. Elementor Pro

elementor popup builder

Elementor Pro is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It is loved by millions of website owners around the world mainly on account of its feature-rich free plan.

If you’re already using Elementor Pro on your website, then you can can create popups at no extra cost.

Elementor lets you build different types of popups including email subscriptions, login forms, promotions and sale banners, welcome mats, and more.

Added to that, you can add effects like fly-in, full screen, help bar, bottom bar, slide-in, and more.


  • Get access to 100+ beautiful responsive templates
  • Create unlimited popups
  • Use triggers, display conditions, and advanced settings
  • Add custom forms to popups
  • Integrate with marketing and CRM tools

Cons: You need to buy the Elementor page builder to get access to the popup builder.

Cost: Elementor Pro starts at $49 per year. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans.

elementor pro pricing

Platforms: Elementor is a WordPress page builder.

Comparison: Elementor Pro is mainly a drag and drop page builder and the best one out there. It’s incredibly easy to use and a great choice for popups if you’re already using Elementor Pro.

Get started with Elementor Pro!

8. Popup Press


Popup Press lets you create elegant popups for your WordPress site. It goes beyond lead generation and lets you create any kind of popup you like.

For instance, you can showcase custom messages, disclaimers, forms, ads, products, and more. Popup Press lets you embed any content you want including image galleries and videos.

It’s a great choice for beginners too because it comes with a popup builder that’s easy to use so you can build your website popups fast.

Popup Press offers 4 targeting rules to show popups on click, hover, page-load, or exit. This means you’ll have plenty of options to display the popup at the right time to your users.


  • Easy to use
  • Slider and lightbox effects
  • Compatible with HTML, audio, image, video, iframe, forms, and PDF
  • Works with shortcodes as well

Cons: Popup Press is built to create generic popups. It won’t be of much help in increasing leads and conversions.

There’s also no free version or trial period to test the plugin. You can check out the demo available to see how Popup Press works.

Cost: Popup Press costs $39 for 6 months of support (not including taxes). You can extend your license to 12 months at $12.75 extra.

popup press pricing

Platforms: Popup Press works only with WordPress.

Comparison: Popup Press is useful if you want to add content inside popups to improve user experience and engagement on your site. If you want to use popups to grow your subscriber list and drive sales, then we suggest looking for an alternative popup builder.

Get started with Popup Press now!

9. Sumo

sumo popup

Sumo is a WordPress plugin that lets you create popups with a focus on growing your email list.

The plugin is designed to help you build your email list and easily engage with these subscribers. You can use Sumo to set up autoresponder emails to connect with users as soon as they sign up.


You can also add share buttons on your website so visitors can easily share your content and products on social media.

Sumo will then show you the return on investment for every subscriber or sale through the popup.

You’ll also be able to show custom popups based on the traffic source of your visitor. For instance, if you get a lot of traffic from Facebook, you can create customized popups just for them. This feature is a part of the premium version.


  • Set up in minutes
  • Reduce cart abandonment feature
  • Integrate with email services and marketing platforms
  • Export list of subscribers

Cons: There are limited customization options. For advanced customization options, you’ll need to use CSS.

Cost: There’s a free version with basic features. The pro plan costs $49 per month for 100,000 visitors. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can save $120 if you pay annually for the plugin’s subscription.

sumo pricing

The pricing of Sumo depends on the traffic your site attracts. With the free plugin, popups do not always appear if your site attracts tons of traffic.

Platforms: Works on WordPress.

Comparison: The free app is very limited in what it offers. Plus, it creates a blue menu bar on the side of your wp-admin panel. If you want to remove it, you’ll need to buy the premium version.

Keep in mind that Sumo is a broad product with a narrow focus on growing your email list. Compared to other popup plugins, it lacks several popup features and doesn’t have many targeting options.

Get started with Sumo now!

10. Convert Pro

Convert Pro is a powerful email optin and lead generation plugin for WordPress. You can use it to increase conversions and grow your subscriber list.

The plugin comes with a drag and drop editor that lets you create popups and other lead generation forms with ease. Then you can add targeting rules to display the form at the right time where visitors will be more likely to convert.

And the best part is that every form is mobile-friendly and optimized for speed.


  • Library of templates
  • Responsive designs
  • Behavioral triggers
  • Advanced email integrations

Cons: There are limited targeting rules.

Cost: Starts at $89 per year. There’s a lifetime bundle that starts at $389.

convertpro pricing

Platforms: Works on WordPress.

Comparison: Convert Pro offers its full-featured plan for much cheaper than plugins like OptinMonster. But you need to keep in mind that when you compare the two, Convert Pro’s full-featured plan doesn’t offer as much as OptinMonster’s full-featured plan.

Convert Pro also offers only a single-site license, whereas OptinMonster’s full-featured plan can be used on 5 sites. So that explains the price difference between the two.

With OptinMonster, you get to choose a pricing plan based on what features you want and how many sites you plan on using them on.

Get started with Convert Pro!

That’s our list of the top popup plugins for WordPress. If you’re wondering which one is the best of the 9, we give you our verdict next.

Our Pick: Which is the Best Popup Plugin for WordPress?

If you want to use popups to drive conversions on your site, then OptinMonster is the best choice by far. Its performance, customization, and results are unmatched by other popup plugins.

OptinMonster is packed with features and powerful targeting options at an affordable rate. It’s also been proven to work, in fact, you can check out case studies of OptinMonster’s success with their customers.

The plugin is also backed by a friendly and professional support team. So overall, it’s a good long-term investment.

To create your first popup with OptinMonster, see our guide: How to a Popup in WordPress (Step by Step).

If building popups is time-consuming and you want to hand off the work, the OptinMonster team will create done-for-you popup campaigns. You’ll save time and get professional high-converting popups for your site.

We hope this list helped you find the best WordPress popup plugin for your site. For your next steps, you’ll find these resources helpful:

These posts will give you more tools and services you can rely on to automate processes, get more leads, and drive growth.

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