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Our Domain Name Generator will help you search for new company name ideas and get the domain name instantly (before someone else does).
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How Our Domain Name Generator Works

Our domain name generator tool is powered by Nameboy, the original domain name generator started in 1999.

It’s designed to help you find the perfect domain name. Here’s how the tool works.

Step 1: Enter your domain name idea

In the search box, simply enter one or two words and hit the Submit button.

Step 2: Generate dozens of domain name ideas almost instantly

The domain generator will run on its own to come up with creative ideas for your domain. You’ll see a list of domain ideas pop up instantly.

Step 3: Register your domain name right away

Pick the perfect domain name from the list and register it right away by clicking on View Details.

The cost of your domain name will depend on its value. When you’re just starting out, this can be expensive especially if you’re looking for a .com domain.

We’ve worked out a deal with Bluehost. If you choose to host your website with them, you can get a free .com or .net domain name.

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Keep in mind you can also use this tool as a business name generator, website name generator, company name generator, URL generator, and more. If you need a name for your website, the IsItWP domain name generator will help you find the perfect one.

Domain Name Ideas: How to Choose the Best One

IsItWP’s domain name generator is helpful in suggesting good domain name ideas, and sometimes a lot of choices can be overwhelming for beginners. To help with that, we have created some recommended best practices for choosing the best domain name.

Let’s take a look at the best practices for choosing the right domain name.

1. Choose a Brandable Domain Name

website name generator

One of the questions we get asked is: when choosing a domain name, should you go for a brandable domain name or a generic one?

A generic domain name is usually keyword-stuffed and unmemorable, like copywritingtweaks.com or killercopywriting.com.

On the other hand, a brandable domain name helps you easily stand out from the competition. Plus, your users will find it easier to remember your website. For example, website addresses like ProBlogger.com or OptinMonster.com are unique and brandable. When you hear the name, you know there’s a trustable brand attached to it.

While it’s true that including a keyword in your domain name can have a positive impact on SEO. However, stuffing your domain name with keywords in the hope of increasing your ranking can also negatively impact your SEO efforts.

To avoid getting penalized, it’s in your best interest to purchase a brandable domain name and make your URLs readable, like “brandname.com/blog-topic”.

2. Make It Easy to Remember

Make sure your domain name is easy to type and remember. It’s important to remove confusing items from your domain name like using odd spellings, hyphens, numbers, and other characters.

easy domain name

A few techniques you can use to generate good domain name ideas are:

  • Merge two terms: Create a domain name by merging two different terms. This is probably the only affordable solution to find the perfect domain name that’s actually available.
  • Refer to your dictionary: Generate common alternatives for your domain names using thesaurus, synonyms, and antonyms.
  • Character count: Ideally, your domain name should be short and simple. Aim for a name that’s less than 16 characters.

3. Choose the Right Domain Name Extension

.com. is the most popular domain extension, so most people’s first assumption for your website will be [yourbrandname].com. Additionally, a .com domain is easy to type from mobile devices because most onscreen keyboards come with a .com button.

catchy website name generator domain tlds

If you choose a different extension, you will have to do extra work to get people to remember it.

Although you can find many established websites with different extensions, we highly recommend that you choose top-level domains (TLDs) like ‘.com’ because it’s the safer bet.

That being said, even if you’ve come up with a long list of domain name ideas, chances are you’ll find that your preferred .com is already taken.

In that case, you can go for available domain names such as .net or .org. If they’re also not available, then you should brainstorm for new domain name ideas.

A great tip here is to also check if you can get related social media usernames for your brand.

4. Make Sure You can Legally Own the Domain Name You Choose

Did you know that domain names that cause confusion over similar registered trademark can be cited for trademark infringement?

If your domain name conflicts with any one of the millions of existing trademarks, then you risk losing it. So, before purchasing a domain name, the rule of thumb is to double-check if it conflicts with any trademarks and make sure you can legally own the domain name you choose.

You can use

5. Go for Alternatives if Your Perfect Domain Name is Taken

What if the domain name you desire is already taken?

Well, it is not the end of the world. If you really want to get that domain name, then check whether it’s in use. If there’s no website or the domain name is parked, then chances are the owner has the intention to sell it later on.

Look for the contact information of the owner on that parked website. If that’s not available, then you can conduct a WHOIS search to get the owner’s email address. Once you get the email address, you’ll need to negotiate with the owner to purchase the domain name.

Of course, purchasing a parked domain name is going to be costly. If you think that you can’t afford a parked domain, then the last thing you should do is misspell the name.

Think of Fiverr.com, Flickr.com, Tumblr.com. These are some successful domain names that are misspelled.

Why Use a Domain Name Generator?

Choosing the perfect domain name is a tedious and time-consuming process. You’ll need to come up with a list of names and then check if they’re actually available one-by-one until you find a match. And if you don’t, chances are you’ll end up choosing a mediocre domain name for your website that fails to make a positive first impression.

This is where a domain name generator comes in.

A domain name generator helps you save time by automatically generating a lot of domain name ideas for your brand. All you need to do is specify your idea by submitting one or two keywords. You’ll get dozens of available ideas instantly.

So what are the benefits of using a domain generator?

Some benefits of a domain name search are:

  • Brainstorms for you: Generate more descriptive or suitable domain name ideas than you can think of. Word combinations, rhymes, and random suggestions will pop up.
  • Checks domain availability: The tool will check if your preferred names is available for registration.
  • Quick registration: Register your domain name right away before someone else does it.

By using our domain name generator, you’ll get a lean domain search with useable names that are available with domain registrars.

We hope this guide helped you choose the best domain name for your business.

Now go ahead and choose your next domain name. IsItWP’s domain name idea generator at the top of the page will help you easily find one that is perfect for you.

Once you choose a domain name, you can buy it on domain registrars like Bluehost or Hostinger.

After that, you can create a website or start a blog. We recommend using WordPress to build your website because it’s free, flexible, and scalable.

Besides that, you can start an online store by using eCommerce tools like WooCommerce and Shopify. 

Why use IsItWP’s Domain Name Generator? 

There are so many domain name idea generator tools to choose from – IsItWP, Nameboy, GoDaddy, Panabee, Domain.com, DomainWheel, Bust a Name, the list goes on…

It can be difficult to find out which one is the best for you. What you need to know is that most of them use random name mesh tools and give you suggestions you can’t really use.

IsItWP’s free domain generator is built with the best practices. It’s among the best domain name generators in the world.

It runs on AI technology (artificial intelligence) that does an instant domain search while combining common words, prefixes, suffixes, and search keywords to give you the best domain name suggestions. 

This means it automatically adds words associated with your business or website idea. This helps you brainstorm ideas and find the perfect domain name.

The tool uses an advanced algorithm that checks domain name availability with web hosting companies like Bluehost. So you can get the best domain name ideas that are actually available to register right away.

The best part about using IsItWP’s Domain Name Generator is that you’ll get a great deal on your domain name as well.

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How much does the domain name generator cost?

IsItWP’s domain name generator is free for everyone to use. Simply type in name ideas in the search bar to get started.

What if I can’t find a .com domain name?

No worries! You can always use other top-level domain extensions such as .net, .co, .org, .info, .blog, .biz, and more. So for instance, if you’re looking for a blog name like mylifestory.com but it’s taken, then you could use mylifestory.blog

The best thing about our domain name search tool is that it checks domain names and suggests the ones that are available to register.

Can I use country specific domain names?

If you plan on catering to a local audience, a country specific domain name will work well for you. For instance, if you want to sell/ship products only in the UK, you can opt for a co.uk domain extension.

Country specific TLDs are best suited for small businesses/startups, local sellers, and even big companies with branches in different countries.

Do I need to use keywords in my domain name?

People on the internet find new content and websites by searching for related terms on search engines like Google. Using relevant keywords in your domain name can help rank your website on search engine results.

However, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it when you include your keywords on your domain name. 

The important thing is to make your domain name catchy and easy to remember. It should represent your brand but you don’t need to stuff your keywords in the name. 

Can I create a domain for myself?

Yes, you can! And it’s a great idea if you want to create a portfolio site to showcase your work, art, services, and so much more. These domains are usually not considered to be premium domains so you might just get them for cheaper too.

How do I find a domain name that is available?

The best way to find a domain that is available is to use our Domain Name Generator. It gives you suggestions for names that can be registered in your name instantly. For more ways, see this guide: How to Check if a Domain Name is Available (5 Easy Ways).

How much does it cost to register a domain name?

You can register a domain name for as low as $0.99 but these offers usually come with a catch to register for 2 years and pay the second year’s cost upfront. On average, domain name registration costs between $8.99 to $14.99 to register. Learn more here: How Much Does a Domain Name Cost? (Expert Answer)

How can I create my own domain for free?

You can get a free domain name when you sign up for a hosting plan with Bluehost.

How can I get a free .com domain for a lifetime?

You cannot register a domain name forever. Domain names can be registered for up to 10 years at a time. You can set up an automated renewal so that your credit card or payment source is automatically deducted and the domain is renewed each time before it expires. That way, you’ll never lose your domain name.

What is the difference between a domain and website?

A domain name is the address of your website. Think of it like a plot of land where you can build your house. It’s what your visitors type into their browsers to access your website.

A website is the actual house that you build. You can’t build a website without a domain name. See our guide for a more detailed answer: What’s the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

How do I find a catchy domain name?

When you search for domain name ideas, use words that are easy to pronounce, acronyms, and rhyme words. Make sure you avoid hyphens and numbers. This will help make sure that the domain name is memorable, short, and unique.

To make your job easier, you can use the free domain name generator by IsItWP and get the best ideas and suggestions. 

Once you get the perfect domain name, follow our IsItWP blog for tips on the best website builders and plugins for WordPress. We also have tutorials to help you build, grow, and manage your website.

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WordPress Launch Checklist

The Ultimate WordPress Launch Checklist

We've compiled all the essential checklist items for your next WordPress website launch into one handy ebook.
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