WordPress Weekend Resources – June 20, 2008

Another week has passed, here are some more WordPress resources collected throughout the week.

Creating a Print Stylesheet in WordPress – This post from Hack WordPress goes over what a print stylesheet is, how they work, and how to make one. Basically what print stylesheets will do is override the default stylesheet when one is printing. If you have content that may be printed (as in with real paper, from a printer) this guide is a must-read.

10 Plugins to Improve the WordPress Admin – This post by Dan Philibin of WPCandy lists 10 plugins used to enhance the WordPress admin panel in one way or another. Some of these admin panel plugins can come in very handy for the WordPress blogger.

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks – A great post highlighting over 40 great WordPress tips, tricks, and hacks from across the web. There are a lot of great links in this post, so I suggest you check it out.

Protecting text strings from theme upgrades – This post by Justin Tadlock goes over how to make your themes translatable. I’ll admit, this is something I do not do with the themes on Theme Lab, but I may start after reading this.

Displaying Related Category and Author Content in WordPress – This post by Darren Hoyt, author of the popular Mimbo theme, reveals code from the Pro version to display related content. Displaying related content to the category or author is a great way to keep your visitors on your site.

Cool coding tips from around your WordPress community – part 1 – This post over at WP Project is a compilation of several different WordPress coding tips, some already listed here. I wonder when Part 2 will be published?

WordPress Weekly Episode 21 – This week’s episode of WordPress Weekly will go over a few of these topics listed above and more. It will be aired at 10 PM EST tonight.

Quite a few this week, enjoy!


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