WordPress Weekend Resources – October 3, 2008

First of all, sorry for skipping WordPress weekend resources last week. Here’s a new set.

WordPress 2.7 Comments Enhancements – An in-depth article by Otto going over the comment changes in WordPress 2.7, and how to integrate them in your themes. A must-read for theme authors.

11 Top WordPress Plugins – This article by Joost De Valk lists 11 top WordPress plugins that every blog should have. Even a few in there I’ve never heard of before. Very good read.

Premium WordPress Theme Guide – A massive guide by iThemes on premium themes. Goes over needs and expectations, assessing quality, and what you get for your money. Although this guide is published by a premium theme provider, it seems to be relatively unbiased to me, providing tips you can apply to any premium theme purchase.

That’s all for this week. And remember, if you know of a recently published WordPress resource or tutorial, feel free to let me know.


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