WordPress Weekend Resources – June 6, 2008

Another week gone by, another week of WordPress community links and resources.

Creating a dynamic sidebar – Richard Hooper of WP Project goes over a simple and manageable method of dynamically managing your sidebar, without widgets. It requires some basic knowledge of WordPress conditional tags and PHP includes.

Is that really WordPress? – Another recent post over at WP Project lists a few websites that you probably couldn’t tell were powered by WordPress at first glance. WordPress can be used as a very flexible CMS and this post just further proves the point.

Creative Examples of WordPress Themes Modifications – This post by Pavel Ciorci of WPZoom goes over some creative customizations of WordPress themes. I always love to see WordPress theme customizations and it’s nice to see some of the themes available here on Theme Lab customized beyond recognition.

Have You Created Your Gravatar? – This really isn’t anything new, but still important. Ever since I implemented Gravatars here on Theme Lab, I’m seeing many commentators here lacking their Gravatar. It’s really simple to make, as gone over in the post. For WordPress blog owners, it’s very easy to add Gravatar support to your comments.

31 People To Follow On Twitter – Possibly inspired by WPCandy’s post on following Twitter users, this list at Weblog Tools Collection goes more in depth by providing 31 Twitter users who frequently “tweet” about WordPress news. My Twitter profile is themelab in case you want to follow me.

WordPress Weekly Episode 19 – A new episode WordPress Weekly airs tonight, where they will be discussing several WordPress-related topics. More information on the link.

That’s all for this week, happy blogging!


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