How Do You Feel About Sponsored Themes?

Sponsored ThemesLike the title says, I want to know how you feel about sponsored WordPress themes. If you don’t know what a sponsored theme is, basically – it’s a theme with one or more “paid links” included, usually located in the footer.

One of the most authoritative sources for WordPress theme releases, Weblog Tools Collection, will not allow sponsored themes to be featured on their main blog. WordPress’ official theme viewer dumped sponsored themes near the same time, about a year ago.

On one hand, sponsored themes sort of defeat the purpose of the free and open WordPress community spirit. On the other hand, theme authors need to pay the bills – and sponsoring themes is an easy way to help do that.

In the comments, I’d like to know what you think of them – sponsored themes that is. Would you use a sponsored theme? What if the links were too “spammy” in your eyes?


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