7+ Best WordPress Import Export Plugins [FREE]

Best WordPress Import Export Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress import export plugins?

When we talk about import/export in the WordPress niche, it means moving your data from one website to another using a plugin.

There are many built-in import and export tools in your WordPress admin area.

The import tool allows you to import content from different content management systems (CMS) to your WordPress website.

However, the export tool creates an XML file for your WordPress posts, pages, comments, feeds, and media files. You can download this XML file on your computer and import it to another WordPress site to use the data.

While these tools are great, you can use WordPress import/export plugins for more features and flexibility.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best WordPress import export plugins available for free.

How We Test & Review These Import Expert Plugins?

  • Real-world use: We used different import export plugins in our projects to see how they worked practically. We put them to the test on tasks like moving data between websites and creating backups for easy migration.
  • Looking at popular options: We checked out some of the most popular import export plugins to see if they really lived up to their reputation. We looked at things like how easy they were to use, what features they had, and if they could handle different types of content and file formats.
  • Categorized them according to needs: We looked at how the plugins meet everyday business needs including customization, performance, reliability, updates, and support.

The Best WordPress Import Export Plugins

Below, you’ll find the top free WordPress import export plugins. Each plugin can offer different features to import and export your content between WordPress sites.

But if you are in a hurry or want to compare the tools side by side, check out this table below.

NameBest ForPriceFree Version
1. DuplicatorEasy backup and migrationStarting from $49.50/ year✔️
2. Customizer Export / ImportCopy theme customizer settingsFree✔️
3. Widget Importer & ExporterWidget migration and backupFree✔️
4. Import Shopify to WPEasy Shopify to WordPress migrationFree✔️
5. WP All ImportQuick content migration from any CMSStarting from $199 /year✔️
6. Import and Export Users With MetaAllows user and metadata transferPremium addon at $49.99 / year✔️
7. Export All URLsComplete URL export toolFree✔️
8. Ultimate CSV ImporterFlexible CSV and XML importStarting from $149✔️
9. Export Media With Selected ContentComplete media inclusion in exportsFree✔️

Now, lets look at each import export plugin in detail. Let’s get started.

1. Duplicator

Duplicator WordPress Backup and Migration Plugin

Duplicator is hands-down the best import export plugin for WordPress. It can help you import data to any website, cloud storage, or local computer.

The plugin is so easy to use. You simply need to install it on your site and create a package of the data you want to export.

Then Duplicator will create a single archive file for you that you can download or send to storage options like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP. So you can use this plugin to backup as well as migrate your website to any new location.

Another great use of this plugin is if you want to set up multiple sites with the same themes and plugins. You can create a pre-configured bundle once and use it across multiple sites as many times as you like.

You won’t have to worry about importing and exporting SQL scripts. None of that.

What we love about Duplicator is that there’s tons of documentation and tutorials to help you every step of the way.

We must also mention that Duplicator is a free WordPress plugin. They also have a pro version with advanced features and functionality like scheduled backups, smart migration wizard, file encryption, and server to server imports.

Read our review for more details: Duplicator Review: We Tested Their Backups & Migration.

2. Customizer Export / Import

Customizer Export Import

Customizer Export/Import is a free WordPress import export plugin. It lets you export your WordPress customizer settings so that you can replicate the same theme options on another website.

After activating this plugin, it will add an export button on your theme’s customizer page. Click on the export button, and it’ll download the settings on your computer as a file.

To import the settings file, you need to install this plugin on your other WordPress site. It’ll ask if you want to download and import images from the other site as well. Select your options and import the WordPress customizer settings easily.

3. Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer and Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter is a premium-like free and popular WordPress import export plugin on the market. It’s built specifically to import/export widgets between your WordPress sites.

You can also use this plugin to back up your widgets. The plugin allows you to create an export file of your currently active widgets with just a click. You’ll get a file in JSON format with a .wie extension.

When it comes to importing widgets, the plugin won’t duplicate widgets, it won’t import widgets that aren’t compatible with your theme, and it keeps the widgets inactive for where widget areas aren’t available in your current theme.

4. Import Shopify to WP

shopify to woocommerce wordpress plugin

Import Shopify to WP is the best plugin to use if you want to switch from Shopify to WordPress.

Shopify does not have an easy way to export data that’s in a file format supported by WordPress. You may be able to export your Shopify website, but you won’t be able to import it to WordPress.

This plugin works like a charm and will make the migration process seamless.

Follow our guide for detailed steps: How to Move from Shopify to WooCommerce (The Right WAY!).

5. WP All Import

WP All Import

WP All Import is a free WP import export plugin. It allows you to migrate your complete site from any popular CMS to WordPress.

In other words, this plugin can help import the content to your WordPress website easily.

It supports XML or CSV file format to import the content in WordPress. If you can handle a basic Excel file, you’ll have no problem with these formats. It’s also easy to use the drag and drop interface to move your site.

This plugin is compatible with a companion plugin to export your WordPress content, including posts, WooCommerce products, orders, users, and anything you’d like. You can use this export file to duplicate your site on a local server or a live WordPress website.

There are addons you can use for more features like ACF (advanced custom fields), link cloak, WooCommerce product types, and user imports.

6. Import and Export Users With Meta

Import Export Users With Meta

Import and Export Users With Meta is another free WordPress import export plugin. It lets you import users and customers along with their metadata from a CSV file to your WordPress site or a WooCommerce store.

After importing users, you can also assign roles and filter by role or registered date. If a user is already there, it automatically updates the user information.

The plugin also lets you export WordPress users in a CSV file to use on other sites. It integrates with popular WordPress membership plugins to import and export members between WordPress sites.

The plugin is WPML compatible so you can translate the frontend pages as well as any email notifications sent to users.

7. Export All URLs

Export All URLs

Export All URLs is a simple and free WordPress import and export plugin. It’s useful to check all the URLs of your website, handle 301 redirects using htaccess, audit website security, migrate the website, and more.

It also helps check how many posts and pages are published on your site. You can export URLs in a CSV file. Then simply download export file to your computer to use later. This is also helpful to migrate your website any time you want. You simple need to import file to your new site.

8. Ultimate CSV Importer

Ultimate CSV Importer

Ultimate CSV Importer by Smackcoders is a free WordPress import and export plugin. It’s a 1-stop solution to import WordPress data using a CSV or XML file.

The plugin makes it easy to import this file from your desktop, FTP, host server, specific file, or any other location. It also supports other file formats.

You can import blog posts, pages, and media. It also supports custom post types, WordPress custom fields, comments, reviews, and taxonomies.

Ultimate CSV Importer is flexible and requires no coding skills to work with. This plugin supports huge list of WordPress plugins including All in One SEO, bbPress, Yoast, WP Job Manager, and more. It even supports WooCommerce import so you can be sure all your eCommerce data is transferred.

9. Export Media With Selected Content

Export Media Selected Content

Export Media With Selected Content is a free addon to the WordPress export feature. By default, when you export your WordPress content, it doesn’t include the media files and images.

This plugin will also add an option to the WordPress export settings. If you check the option, it’ll find featured images and include media attachments of your posts in the export file.

We hope this article has helped you find the best WordPress import export plugins for your website.

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