8 Best eBook Plugins for WordPress Sites in 2024

Best WordPress eBook Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress eBook Plugin? Whether you’ve started a blog or built a website, eBooks can be a great way to grow your business.

They bring awareness to your brand and help establish you as an authority on a topic. Added to that, you can grow your email list and reach more customers.

To do this you’ll need the right eBook plugin to sell ebooks from your WordPress site. In this guide, we’ll share the top WordPress eBook plugins.

Reasons to Use an eBook Plugin

Selling digital goods like eBooks is one of the smartest ways to monetize your website. You’ll save on inventory and shipping costs of selling physical products. Not to mention there are a few more ways selling eBooks with WordPress plugins will benefit you:

1. Easily Sell Your eBooks Online

eBook plugins make it easy to sell, watermark, encrypt and deliver content to your readers without knowing a single line of code. It takes the hassle out of creating and uploading eBooks so it’s easier to market and make a profit.

2. Demonstrate Industry Expertise

Marketers, bloggers, and business owners can create professional eBooks to demonstrate their expertise and establish themselves in their field. This improves brand credibility and helps convert site visitors across the board.

3. Reach More Customers

eBook plugins give you access to marketing features to promote your book to anyone around the world at any time. You’re able to reach a wider audience which leads to increased sales, engagement, and visibility.

4. Grow Your Subscriber List

If you want to offer an eBook as a lead magnet, these tools will help you build a bigger base of leads that you can engage with over email and potentially turn into customers later.

5. Monetize Your Website

You can quickly monetize your WordPress site with eBook plugins. You can set a price for your eBook and collect payments online while meeting online security regulations and compliances.

Keep in mind that eBook plugins do more than just build your list. They give you access to marketing features to promote your book across the world. This leads to increased sales, engagement, and visibility.

If you do not have time to go through this entire list of eBook plugins, check out the comparison table for the top 3 options.

🥇 1st Choice

🥈2nd Choice

🥉3rd Choice

wpforms logo
optinmonster icon
seedprod logo

Pricing: Free plugin available. Basic plan starts from $49.50/ year.

Pricing: Starting from $5.97/ month.

Pricing: Free plugin available. Basic plan starts from $39.50/ year.

  • Automated eBook delivery
  • Customizable eBook forms
  • Integrated payment gateways

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  • Create effective eBook lead magnets
  • Precise targeting for eBooks
  • Engagement analytics for eBooks

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  • Create dedicated eBook pages
  • Customizable eBook page templates
  • WooCommerce integration

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Now that we know the benefits of having an eBook plugin on your website let’s look at the top choices currently available for WordPress.

Best eBook Plugins for WordPress Sites

1. WPForms

wpforms homepage

WPForms is the best form builder for WordPress. It lets you add downloadable files to your forms and integrate payment options so that customers can buy your eBook easily.

With WPForms, you can collect email addresses to grow your subscriber list as you sell eBooks. You can also sell any kind of digital good like tickets, video streams, printables, art, music, plugins, and more.

Choose from premade templates that make it incredibly simple to build an eBook form. The forms are fully customizable so you can match them to your WordPress theme and brand voice.

Here’s what the WPForms builder looks like:

add images to products in wpforms

Then you can set up automated emails with the eBook attached so your customer will get their order delivered to their inbox instantly.

WPForms lets you use conditional logic to send the eBook only if certain rules are met. This means you can use a single form to sell multiple eBook store items and offer free lead magnets.

Added to that, you can display the eBook form anywhere on your site posts, pages, and sidebars to maximize visibility. It’s super easy to embed the eBook form using readymade WPForms widgets and blocks.

The form builder also seamlessly integrates with payment gateways and email marketing services like Constant Contact.

Once set up, your eBook will sell on its own. You can manage your form entries and see built-in stats about your form submissions and ebook sales.

WPForms has an awesome support team and tons of documentation to help you add eBook forms to your site.

To learn more about this eBook plugin, see our complete WPForms Review. If you’re ready to get started, we have a helpful step-by-step tutorial for you: How to Sell eBooks in WordPress.

There’s a free version of WPForms available, however, if you want payment and email integrations, you need to sign up for a pro plan.

Get started with WPForms today.

2. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is hands down the best lead generation tool that will make marketing ebooks and building your email list a breeze. You can add the eBook as a lead magnet inside stunning campaigns like popups, slide-ins, floating bars, and more.

Added to that, there are tons of powerful targeting rules and campaign triggers. This means you can show your eBook offer at the right time and place where visitors are most likely to want it. So for instance, you can use the eBook as a lead magnet to get exiting customers to give you their email address before they leave:

optinmonster campaign triggers

You can create evergreen campaigns that run on their own or schedule them to appear at a certain date and time.

OptinMonster is packed with advanced features to optimize conversions. It lets you A/B test campaigns to find the one that gets your eBook the most number of conversions. And you get access to built-in analytics that show you exactly where engagement is the highest, so you can find the best spots to promote your eBook.

To get visitors to buy the book, you can add a call to action button with a link to your eBook. If you’d like to deliver the book in an email instead, OptinMonster integrates with all popular email service providers like Constant Contact and AWeber. You can segment your leads and deliver the eBook as soon as someone signs up.

Want to learn more about this plugin? Check out our review of OptinMonster or learn how to create your own eBook popup right away.

Get started with OptinMonster!

3. SeedProd


SeedProd is the best landing page builder for WordPress. It’s on this list because it makes creating custom landing page designs to sell your eBook so easy.

This will give you more space to talk about your eBook and market it to your customers.

Plus, you can direct leads from different sources like social media channels and PPC campaigns to a single page where they can pick up your eBook. You can even link to your Amazon product page or Kindle profile to drive traffic from your site to these platforms.

There are 100+ premade templates to choose from and a drag and drop page builder to customize the page.

SeedProd integrates with WooCommerce so you can add ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ buttons and let customers checkout easily.

Advanced blocks

Added to that, you can add optin forms and seamlessly connect with your email service provider as well to improve lead generation.

Do you want your eBook website to rank in Google Search? SeedProd provides a fast search-engine-optimized code. You can fine-tune header tags easily for your SEO strategy.

Another benefit is the SeedProd builder’s bloat-free code. When your site is free of junk code, your pages will load really fast. That helps improve your ranking and creates a good user experience for downloading digital products.

Interested in this eBook plugin? Learn more about it in our SeedProd Review. Or you could get started right away with our step by step tutorial: How to Create an Ebook Landing Page That Converts.

Get started with SeedProd.

4. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a popular eCommerce solution for selling digital products from your WordPress site. You can sell eBooks, PDF formats, WordPress plugins, and more without needing to know a single line of code.

Easy Digital Downloads comes with payment flexibility so customers can purchase using PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. Its unlimited downloads allow users to download their purchased files repeatedly but you have control to restrict download access as well.

The test mode feature lets you go through the checkout experience as a customer would. This plugin also allows you to customize the checkout form. In just a few minutes you can have it up and running.

It also integrates with other popular services and plugins like Mailchimp, Zapier, Dropbox, ConvertKit, AWeber, and more. You can deliver the ebook through email or your website so your readers have multiple options to download ebooks you have to offer.

If you need more features, you can purchase individual extensions to get exactly what you need and add those elements to your site. Some of these extensions include recurring payments, software licensing, custom deliverables, and product reviews.

Get started with Easy Digital Downloads today.

5. Ebook Store

Ebook Store is a popular eBook plugin that comes with powerful features and flexibility. It stands out from other WordPress plugins when it comes to security.

The Ebook Store plugin offer multiple payment methods as it integrates with WooCommerce as well as Stripe and PayPal so it’s easy to sell your eBooks. The process to set up is simple and only takes a few minutes. Its clean interface is easy to navigate and you can customize it based on your theme.

This WordPress eBook plugin can handle large file sizes and allow users to preview PDF documents and eBook files with ease.

Like the other plugins in our list, Ebook store is easy to set up without computer programming skills. You’ll save money not having to hire a web developer.

It comes with watermarking and QR code options for every page of your PDF files to give you more control over your online content. You can also disable the cut, copy, edit options made by others if you don’t want your content edited.

Display a single eBook on a webpage or multiple eBooks for a product page. With the Pro version, you can encrypt your eBook content for added protection and security.

Get started with Ebook Store today.

6. Print My Blog

Print My Blog is a free eBook plugin that makes it easy to turn your blog content into eBooks that you can sell to users.

You can create professional-quality books to sell on your WordPress site using Print My Blog. Another option is to put your blog posts all on one page and print them from your browser to make a flipbook.

In fact, you can print thousands of posts in a few clicks, let site visitors print individual posts, and create high-quality eBooks and documents.

This plugin optimizes your content for distribution by avoiding page breaks in images, removing site logos and sidebars, letting you use other plugins in your printed content, and more.

It also adapts to your existing theme’s elements so it doesn’t mess with your site design. You also get eBook customization options that include CSS, Javascript, or HTML.

You can print your blog posts in different formats, print your blog to read offline, create paper backups or PDF ebooks, and copy your entire blog into another program like Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Some examples of documents you can create include whitepapers, lead magnets, product brochures, event brochures, user manuals, restaurant menus, and much more.

Get started with Print My Blog today.

7. Templatic Ebook


Templatic Ebook is one of the best plugins to turn your content into eBooks that you can sell both digitally and physically thanks to its integration with WooCommerce.

Templatic Ebook has a simple design and straightforward setup making it a great choice for beginners. It’s 100% responsive and looks great on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Want to give readers a taste of your content to entice them to purchase? Add a PDF download section so they can get a snippet and decide if your eBook is right for them.

This tool also comes with customization options so you can design your eBook however you like. Use custom widgets to swap or include new elements using a drag-and-drop builder. The Templatic Ebook plugin comes with automatic updates, a wide selection of shortcodes, mega menu support, and more.

Get started with Templatic Ebook today.

8. Bookomatic

Bookomatic is an automatic post generator plugin for WordPress that turns your blog content into eBooks. It uses content from Google to automatically create blog posts or eBooks for your site.

Bookomatic uses artificial intelligence to create content for your blog, which keeps it updated and relevant with the latest sources. Its built-in text synonymizer randomizes the articles so that no one will know the source of your content.

You can also translate your content into any language to appeal to users from all over the world and expand your target audience. This plugin makes it easy to publish ongoing, targeted content that appeals to your readers and builds a stronger relationship with potential customers.

If you have any content that is instructional or a recipe with a step-by-step, Bookomatic is a great choice.

For those on the fence about it, the plugin also allows you to test it out before installing it. This is called the Test Site Generator. Keep in mind, any content you’ve created using Bookomatic’s AI will be deleted after 24 hours.

You can choose the language you’d like your blogs published in as well, expanding your content to a global audience. That will help to increase the downloads your eBook gets on your WordPress site.

Get started with Bookomatic today.

And there you have it! These are the best eBook plugins you can use for your WordPress website. We have a few more plugins that you may want to check out to optimize your eBook sales.

BONUS: Plugins to Boost Sales

Thrive Leads

best wordpress ebook plugins thrive

Thrive Leads empowers you to create a custom lead form using a drag-and-drop builder. Of course, there is also a library of opt-in form templates pre-made for you too. Thrive Leads connects with email marketing services and CRMS to build your email list.

You can use Thrive Leads to sell your eBooks with popups, sticky ribbons, in-line forms, and more. What’s more, is that you’ll be able to turbocharge your eBook sales with advanced targeting features.

Interested in Thrive? Thrive has a whole suite of powerful tools that include Thrive Architect, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Optimize, Thrive Comments, and more.

Get started with Thrive Leads today


Trust pilot wordpress ebook plugin

TrustPulse showcases the activity of users on your site such as their recent purchases, signups, or downloads. This activity appears in non-intrusive popups on your site so it doesn’t disturb the user’s experience.

At the same time, new visitors can see what others are doing on your site such as buying/downloading the eBook.

Every popup that’s displayed is clickable, so you can link it to your eBook landing page. That way, users that show interest in your eBook are automatically taken to the eBook page where they can download it right away.

Get started with TrustPulse today

Constant Contact

constant contact Best WordPress eBook Plugins

Constant Contact is one of the top email marketing service providers in the world. You can send mass emails to your audience and run email marketing campaigns using this tool.

Constant Contact is simple to set up for beginners with free email template builders. You’ll want to take advantage of Constant Contact’s mobile-optimized templates.

After someone opts into your email list you can send a single welcome email. Then an automated email series that nurtures leads and targets specific leads.

Get started with Constant Contact today

Our Verdict: The Best WordPress eBook Plugins

While every plugin has something unique to offer, our top 3 picks are:

WPForms: Set up a simple eBook purchase or download form and automate payments and delivery.

OptinMonster: Use targeted campaigns to get more people to download your eBook.

Easy Digital Downloads: A total solution to sell any kind of digital product online.

That’s it! We hope you’ve found this list helpful to choose the best WordPress eBook plugin for your site. While there is a lot to choose from, all have great features that will assist you in increasing your eBook downloads or sales.

Up next, you may also want to check out our resources to help you level up:

These articles will give you the edge you need to boost sales and increase eBook downloads.

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  1. is there any plugin available where user can only read eBook (not Download) after purchase.

  2. iouri filippov April 19, 2023 at 8:46 am

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    WPForms: Set up a simple eBook purchase or download form and automate payments and delivery.

    OptinMonster: Use targeted campaigns to get more people to download your eBook.

    Easy Digital Downloads: A total solution to sell any kind of digital product online.

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