WPtouch Review

Are you looking for an easy way to make your existing WordPress site mobile-friendly, without sacrificing your current design? No problem — you can do that with the WPtouch plugin. Our WPtouch review will show you how this plugin can help you create a beautiful site that looks good on any device.

WPtouch Review

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Why Should Your Site Be Mobile-Friendly?

Making sure your site works and looks good on mobile devices might have been a nice-to-have feature 5 or 10 years ago, but today it’s necessary for every single site on the web.

According to Marketing Land, mobile devices account for 65% of digital media time, with desktops becoming secondary. Today, over half of all internet traffic is from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

And mobile traffic continues to grow every year.

If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’re missing out on all that traffic — and it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

How Can You Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

There are a couple of popular options when it comes to making your site look good on all devices.

They are:

  • Responsive design. A responsive design detects the size of the screen each visitor is using, and adjusts the design to best fit the screen. Many WordPress sites use responsive themes.
  • Separate mobile site. Websites with separate mobile sites detect when a visitor is on a mobile device and redirect them to a separate site (usually on a subdomain, such as m.wikipedia.org).

Each method has its pros and cons.

Using a responsive design is a popular method for many sites because you only need to maintain one website. However, a responsive design may load more slowly since it needs to adjust the design depending on the device it detects.

Having an entirely separate mobile site creates more work for the website owner, since two sites need to be maintained and updated. But if your desktop and mobile users have very different goals and needs, this may be an ideal solution. Also, you can optimize your mobile site to load much more quickly than your desktop version.

How WPtouch Creates a Mobile Version of Your WordPress Site

WPtouch is really the best of both worlds when it comes to responsive design vs. separate desktop and mobile sites.

WPtouch creates a simple mobile version of your website automatically, without having to use a subdomain or separate URL.

It leaves the desktop version of your site completely intact, while pulling all the data from your site to create an elegant mobile version.

The mobile version of your site can be completely customized with separate themes and settings, without affecting your main site.

Why Use WPtouch Instead of a Responsive Theme?

If you’ve been using a theme on your WordPress site that’s not responsive or mobile-friendly, you may have some reservations about switching your theme completely.

For one, if you really like the look of your current theme, you may not want to change the appearance of your site entirely just to make it mobile-friendly.

Switching themes can be a big process with a lot of work involved. When switching themes, you can lose some of your saved settings, your menus and widgets may disappear or be messed up, theme-specific shortcodes won’t work anymore, and more. See more information in the article What Happens When You Switch Your WordPress Theme?

WPtouch may also be much faster than a responsive theme. Having a faster loading site can help to boost your search engine rankings.

WPtouch Review - Loading speeds

How to Set Up Your Mobile Site With WPtouch

After installing and activating the plugin, you can navigate to WPtouch » Settings to set up your mobile site.

The plugin will automatically pull your site information (including the site title and language) from your WordPress settings, but you can adjust them here.

WPtouch Review - setup

You can also:

  • Set a different homepage for your mobile site
  • Show a credit link in the footer
  • Choose which devices (iOS, Android, etc.) to show your mobile site to
  • Set up a separate main menu for your mobile site
  • Choose and customize your theme

The theme customizer works just like the Appearance » Customize settings for your regular WordPress site, allowing you to change your site icon, colors, typography, widgets, and more, just for your mobile site.

WPtouch Review - customize appearance

WPtouch includes access to 7 more themes.

WPtouch Review - themes

Expand Your Options With WPtouch Extensions

WPtouch also has several extension plugins available to add more feature and options:

  • AMP for WPtouch: add support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages for even faster loading times and a possible boost in your mobile search engine rankings
  • Advanced Typography: choose custom fonts to add to your mobile site
  • Basic Ads: display advertising from Google Adsense or using your own custom scripts
  • Multi-Ads: display more ads and conduct A/B split testing
  • infinity Cache: enable caching for faster loading
  • Responsive Images: automatically resizes and optimizes images for mobile devices
  • Related Posts: suggest related posts to your readers to increase engagement and reduce bounce
  • Web-App Mode: allows visitors to save your website to their home screens
  • Mobile Content: show different content to mobile visitors
  • Make Child Theme: quickly and easily create a child theme for advanced customization
  • jQuery Enhanced: ensure your site is using the latest version of jQuery

Our Verdict

Having a mobile-friendly site is crucial now that mobile devices are so popular.

While modern responsive themes are easier to find than ever, you may not want to switch from your old non-responsive theme. Or, you may prefer having a very fast version of your website for mobile users.

If so, we recommend using WPtouch. It’s an easy way to create a fast loading, mobile friendly version of your site without affecting the design of your desktop site.

We give WPtouch 5 out of 5 stars. Here is the breakdown of our review scores:


Pricing Rating 4Rating 4Rating 4Rating 4Rating 4

Features Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5

Ease of Use Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5

Documentation Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5

Support Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5Rating 5


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