17+ Best Black Friday Marketing Tools to Get the Most Sales

best black friday marketing tools

Are you looking for the best Black Friday marketing tools to grow your profits this holiday season?

The end of the year is the most lucrative time for most businesses. Consumers are ready to spend their money on the best deals to prepare for the holidays. It’s the best time to catch your customers’ attention and bring them to exclusive offers they can’t get at any other time.

With Black Friday around the corner, businesses are gearing up for opportunities to boost conversions and increase sales. To multiply your revenue, you need to start preparing your marketing strategies and tools well in advance.

But to produce sales and reach your goals, you need to have the right Black Friday marketing tools. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best tools you can use to boost your Black Friday marketing campaigns.

The Best Black Friday Marketing Tools

1. OptinMonster

Optinmonster, best cta, best call to action plugin

To convert Black Friday shoppers on your site into paying customers, you need to create relevant campaigns. OptinMonster is a lead generation solution that makes it easy to create holiday campaigns that catch users’ attention and bring their focus back to your content.

OptinMonster comes with several templates (including a Black Friday template) and a drag-and-drop builder, making it beginner-friendly and easy to use. It also requires zero coding skills to get started.

With OptinMonster, you can recover abandoning site visitors, build an email list, promote relevant products on sale, and much more.

Get started with OptinMonster today.

2. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is a social proof software that can quickly bump your sales on your website. By leveraging social proof on your website, you’re able to build trust with visitors and convince them to take action.

TrustPulse lets you display real-time activity taking place on your site for your visitors to see. Whenever someone takes action, such as purchasing a product, a notification will appear on your website. This shows that consumers are actively buying your products and persuades others to follow suit.

This plugin is an important tool for Black Friday marketing because it quickly builds trust between your brand and consumers. Because there’s a time limit for your sale during Black Friday, it’s essential for your business to rapidly gain credibility to increase its revenue.

Get started with TrustPulse today.

3. MonsterInsights

It’s crucial to track your Black Friday marketing campaign’s progress to maximize results and continue improving your strategy. MonsterInsights is the leading Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It lets you track the customer journey and analyze what works on your website and what doesn’t.

This Black Friday, make sure you know what your customers want and what will entice them to purchase. Using MonsterInsights, it’s easy to analyze their pain points, where they spend the most time, and what they’re least interested in.

That way, you can create Black Friday campaigns that are guaranteed to produce better results.

With MonsterInsights, you can access your website data straight from your WordPress dashboard. You can easily keep up with your Black Friday campaign and analyze it afterward to make improvements for next year.

Get started with MonsterInsights today.

4. WPForms

For your Black Friday event to be successful, it needs a powerful contact form to collect users’ information. WPForms is a contact form plugin that creates forms for your website in minutes. It provides premade templates that are easy to use, making it super beginner-friendly.

You need forms on your website to store user information, process payments, collect customer feedback, and more. Without an optimized contact form, it’s impossible to run a smooth or successful Black Friday campaign.

With WPForms, collecting payments is easy and processing confidential information is secure. The plugin integrates your WordPress site with PayPal and Stripe so customers can pay how they choose.

Get started with WPForms today.

5. RafflePress

Contests and giveaways are great ways to round up excitement for your Black Friday promotion. RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin to increase sales, grow website traffic, and much more.

What makes RafflePress great is how easy it is to use no matter where your skill level is. Its drag and drop builder, premade templates, and social media integrations make it easy to run a successful contest.

You can use giveaways to promote your Black Friday sales and increase your revenue. People love to participate to win, and contests are a great way to expose new customers to your promotion. The more entries you receive, the easier it is to build your email list, grow sales, and boost your social presence.

Get started with RafflePress today.

6. SeedProd

seedprod review

SeedProd is the #1 landing page builder for WordPress. With SeedProd’s drag and drop builder, you can easily create stunning landing pages for your Black Friday campaigns.

Landing pages are high-converting because they’re designed with a single goal in mind. Since there’s nothing else on the page to distract users from your Black Friday offer, they’ll be more likely to take action.

SeedProd offers over 100 professionally-designed landing page templates so you can get started quickly. Plus, SeedProd has ready-made landing page blocks to boost conversions. Simply drag blocks like images, videos, email optins, countdown timers, and more, and drop them onto your landing page.

There are even WooCommerce landing page blocks like an add to cart button, shopping cart, custom checkout block, product grid block, and more. This makes it easy to promote your products or services and generate sales.

Get started with SeedProd today.

7. WP Mail SMTP

Sometimes, emails don’t properly send through WordPress. This can negatively impact your business’ performance, especially during the holidays. To ensure your emails get delivered to its recipients, you need WP Mail SMTP.

Thanks to aggressive spam filtering, many emails fail to reach users’ inboxes when sent through WordPress. WP Mail SMTP is a PHP mailer plugin that ensures email deliverability by recognizing your emails as legitimate and using secure SMTP providers.

If your Black Friday emails don’t deliver to subscribers, then many of them won’t know about it in the first place. This leaves you with significantly fewer sales and conversions. So make sure you have this plugin handy so you receive the best results.

Get started with WP Mail SMTP today.

8. Thrive Themes

thrive theme logo

Thrive Themes and its powerful Thrive Suite can help you build a powerful WordPress website with beautiful landing pages, quizzes, lead magnets, and more. These amazing tools can help you increase quality leads and get conversions.

Thrive Suite offers 290+ landing page templates via Thrive Architect. You can customize these templates to suit your specific needs for lead generation, sales funnels, coaching clients, online courses, webinars, and more.

Moreover, Thrive Suite offers Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive Apprentice, and Thrive Ultimatum to create engaging quizzes, sell online courses directly from your website, and employ scarcity campaigns that effectively boost your sales.

But Thrive Themes is not just about tools; it’s also about education and empowerment. Thrive University provides online courses that guide you through online business. Whether you’re a coach, course creator, blogger, or affiliate marketer, Thrive Suite caters to your unique business needs.

Thrive Themes is an all-in-one solution that ensures your e-commerce site turns visitors into customers, and it’s ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Get started with Thrive Themes today.

9. LiveChat

LiveChat is the best live chat tool for WordPress, letting you easily communicate with visitors and bring them closer to purchase. To ensure your sale runs smoothly and your customers feel satisfied, you need to provide stellar customer service. Customer service makes or breaks a business. If you fail to cater to consumers’ needs, they’ll move onto your competitor.

Giving visitors top-notch customer service helps your business increase sales, answer questions, make relevant product recommendations, and much more. All these things lead to a streamlined customer journey that makes it easier for visitors to convert.

It’s easier to give customers what they want when you understand their needs, which LiveChat makes possible. LiveChat gives you more in-depth insights about your customers so your Black Friday campaign goes off without a hitch.

Get started with LiveChat today.

10. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email service provider that lets you launch email campaigns, build websites, upload products to your store, and more. Its main focus is email marketing, which is the most effective way to reach customers shopping for Black Friday sales.

With so much competition around, it’s crucial to craft optimized email marketing campaigns to ensure the most success for your Black Friday promotion. You can also use its marketing automation feature to send your emails at the right time for the best results.

Get started with Constant Contact today.

11. Brevo (Sendinblue)


Sendinblue is another email marketing service that many eCommerce businesses use to send email campaigns, store customer information, segment marketing messages, and much more. With Sendinblue, you can keep customers updated about your promotion.

Put simply, it’s a WordPress plugin that’s perfect for your Black Friday campaign. You can set up your email marketing, live chat, and SMS marketing all through the plugin. Having these tools all in one allows you to properly track the customer journey and improve holiday sales.

Get started with Sendinblue today.

12. All in One SEO

All in One SEO WordPress SEO Plugin Black Friday Deal

To show up in search results and improve your website’s visibility, you need an SEO tool like All in One SEO. All in One SEO (AIOSEO) lets you easily optimize your WordPress website and campaigns for improved search engine rankings.

The best part about All in One SEO is how easy it is to optimize your site. The setup wizard will automatically help you choose the best SEO settings for your business. It will also give you a TruSEO score for each post and page of your website along with an actionable checklist to unlock maximum traffic.

All in One SEO also comes with powerful features like local SEO, WooCommerce SEO, smart sitemaps, rich snippets, and more.

Get started with All in One SEO today.

13. Smash Balloon


Smash Balloon is the perfect tool if you are looking for an easy, fast, and reliable way to integrate social media feeds into their websites. With over 1,750,000 active installs, Smash Balloon offers many unique social media feed features that set it apart. Whether you want to showcase Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube feeds or even combine social feeds from various social channels, Smash Balloon has you covered.

With this social media feed plugin, you don’t need any coding skills, saving you from the hustle and cost of hiring developers. Its user-friendly interface ensures you can go from installing the plugin to adding a feed in just a few seconds. 

Plus, the customization options are designed to effortlessly match your brand’s style, eliminating the need for hours of manual changes. Smash Balloon has intelligent feed caching, a robust backup system, and smart issue reporting alerts to ensure your feed is always live. 

To add to this, it’s optimized for minimal load times, making your website lightning-fast, which is essential for a positive user experience. 

Get Started with Smash Balloon Today.

14. Duplicator

duplicator logo

Duplicator is the best backup and restoration plugin. It simplifies the backup process, allowing you to create complete backups with just one click. With scheduled backups, your valuable data is automatically saved regularly, eliminating the headache of constant manual storage processes. In case of errors or bad updates, the 1-click restore feature ensures your site quickly goes back to a known good state, preventing downtime and data loss.

Duplicator understands the importance of secure storage. You can store your backups in remote cloud locations like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and more. You have the added peace of mind of knowing your data is encrypted using industry-standard AES-256 encryption, providing maximum security against potential threats. 

Also, Duplicator’s Migration Wizard makes moving a site quick and easy.

Duplicator offers a streamlined installer, server-to-server imports, custom search and replace tools, and advanced multisite support. With outstanding customer support and extensive integrations with cloud storage services, Duplicator is the ultimate solution for WordPress backups and migrations. 

You can trust Duplicator to protect your website and simplify your WordPress management tasks. 

Get Started with Duplicator today.

15. WooCommerce

To run an eCommerce store on WordPress, you need an online store plugin. WooCommerce turns your WordPress blog into a shop where you can sell both physical and digital products.

WooCommerce has many built-in features that make it popular, such as inventory management, payment processing, coupons, shipping, and much more. It only takes minutes to set up your store and start selling.

This plugin makes it easy to market and sell products during your Black Friday campaign. It’s an open-source software that gives you endless options for customization as well.

Get started with WooCommerce today.

16. Easy Digital Downloads

edd logo

Join over 50,000 business owners using Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) to manage online stores. EDD is the best platform to sell digital products, whether you’re selling eBooks, WordPress plugins, or PDF documents. 

The best part is that you do not need any coding experience to use Easy Digital Downloads. You can get started in minutes and offer secure payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 

To add to this, you can create discounts and coupon codes to boost conversions. With over 100 integrations, robust reporting tools, and a user-friendly interface, it’s a versatile solution for digital product sales. 

Make data-driven decisions, enhance the customer experience, and simplify your online business with Easy Digital Downloads. 

Get started with Easy Digital Downloads today.

17. Envira Gallery

envira gallery logo

Envira Gallery is the best WordPress gallery plugin because of its user-friendly and powerful features. You can easily create stunning photo and video galleries with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, ensuring you don’t spend hours on complex setups.

This responsive WordPress gallery plugin adapts seamlessly to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, enhancing user experience. Its quick social media integration enables easy sharing and selling of your photos. From protecting your work with watermarks and password protection to improving SEO with deep linking, Envira Gallery offers complete solutions for all your gallery needs.

With its addons, you can further customize your gallery, create albums, enable image proofing, and even integrate your gallery with WooCommerce for seamless e-commerce.

Bonus Tools

  • PushEngage: This web push notification plugin has over 10,000+ installs with over 15 billion targeted push messages monthly. With features like triggered notifications, cart abandonment recovery, custom branding, dynamic segmentation, and A/B testing, PushEngage empowers you to engage users effectively, increase traffic, and boost sales.
  • AffiliateWP: AffiliateWP is the best WordPress affiliate management plugin. It is trusted by over 30,000 business owners to boost revenue through effective affiliate programs. Its features include effortless setup, advanced affiliate tracking, customizable dashboards, and 1-click payouts. Its self-hosted affiliate tracking software is reliable and privacy-compliant, ensuring the accurate tracking of individual referral links, coupons, and landing pages. 
  • WP Simple Pay: WP Simple Pay simplifies accepting payments directly on your WordPress website. It offers secure payment processing through Stripe’s PCI-compliant servers. To add to this, it is effortless to set up with no need for complex shopping carts or e-commerce platforms. WP Simple Pay can also create recurring payments, collect custom data, and support multiple payment methods.
  • WPCode: WPCode can help you enhance and customize your WordPress features through code snippets. This feature-rich tool offers a ready-made Snippets Library with over 100 expert-approved code snippets. It also has the flexibility to create custom PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, and text snippets. This plugin offers an intelligent Smart Conditional Logic system to ensure precise loading conditions.
  • SendLayer: SendLayer is the best SMTP Email Delivery Service. It ensures that your emails reach their destination promptly without being flagged for spam. Keep track of your emails with detailed logs, engagement analytics, and mailing lists accessible from your dashboard.
  • Charitable: Charitable offers non-profits powerful fundraising software at an affordable price. An easy-to-use interface allows you to create fundraising campaigns in minutes. You can accept PayPal donations without needing a developer or coding experience and set up unlimited campaigns tailored to your needs. Most importantly, it stands out by not charging transaction fees, ensuring that your donors’ contributions go directly to your cause. 
  • Sugar Calendar: Sugar Calendar is a lightweight event calendar plugin for WordPress. It offers simple yet powerful features for event management, including recurring events, translation readiness, start and end times, single and multi-day events, event categories, time zones, and even event ticketing. It seamlessly integrates with various add-ons such as Google Calendar, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Stripe, and more. This makes it a versatile choice for managing a wide range of events. Sugar Calendar can do everything from webinars and parties to community gatherings and local business promotions.
  • Imagely: Imagely is the go-to solution for photographers seeking top-notch tools for their WordPress photography sites. Imagely offers NextGEN Gallery, the best plugin for showcasing and selling photos to clients. Photographers can enjoy customization options, preset designs, exceptional speed, flexibility, and SEO, making their websites stand out. Plus, Imagely’s themes and other plugins are designed to look stunning on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring a fantastic user experience for all visitors.
  • Soliloquy: Soliloquy is the ultimate WordPress slider plugin that combines simplicity and power. Soliloquy allows you to create stunning images and video sliders effortlessly using its drag-and-drop builder. These sliders are fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized for a seamless user experience. Soliloquy offers various templates, including WooCommerce product sliders and dynamic sliders for featured blog posts, Instagram images, and more. 
  • Photocrati: Photocrati is a WordPress theme designed for photographers and visual artists. It offers dozens of stunning, ready-made designs with full responsiveness for both desktop and mobile devices. With over 520 starting designs and 65+ built-in gallery displays, customization is limitless. This enables photographers to create unique, branded websites without any coding. It includes powerful gallery management through NextGEN Gallery, built-in e-commerce, and print sales support. 

These plugins are sure to boost your marketing campaigns and deliver the best results for your online store this holiday season.

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