WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast – Video Review

Yoast, who you might know from the SEO community or from the various WordPress plugins he’s developed, has now created a WordPress SEO plugin.

I recently had the chance to try it out. You can follow along in my video screencast below, as well as further thoughts later in the post.

A true “all-in-one” solution?

Currently on Theme Lab, I use a few different SEO plugins including All-In-One SEO Pack, XML Sitemaps, RSS Footers (also by Yoast). I’ve also used plugins like Yoast Breadcrumbs on other sites.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin combines all of these features into a single plugin making it much more of an all-in-one solution than other SEO plugins available on the market today.

It even has features like cleaning up the <head> portion of a document (which I went over in the video). I went over how to remove this code manually in a previous tutorial: Remove Unnecessary Code from wp_head

Best of all, you can import and export all of your settings which can be transferred to other sites easily. With plugins like SEO Data Transporter from StudioPress, you can import SEO settings from pretty much every popular SEO plugin or theme framework to be compatible with Yoast’s WordPress SEO.


I’d recommend WordPress SEO by Yoast as a must have plugin. On more recent site developments, I’ve tried to stop using as many plugins which included cutting out plugins like All-In-One SEO Pack in favor of storing meta tags and custom titles hard coded into custom fields.

With all of the WordPress SEO plugin’s useful features covering many aspects of SEO, you really can’t afford not to use it. I plan on switching to the WordPress SEO plugin on Theme Lab in the future.

What do you think of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast? If you currently use another SEO plugin or theme framework, would you consider switching?


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