Spectacu.la Releases Threaded Comments Plugin

Spectacu.la, a WordPress theme club, has just announced the release of their free threaded comments plugin for WordPress. Basically what this plugin does is replace your theme’s comments template with a new one, generated by the plugin.

In addition to that, you also get pagination and jQuery based roll up of subordinate comments. For those who remember the old Theme Lab which used Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin, it’s kind of like that, except neater.

The plugin should work on almost any theme, even if it normally doesn’t support threaded comments, provided it uses the comments_template() call.

spectacu.la threaded comments

Pictured above is the light and dark styles of the comments which are included in the plugin. Read on to check out my screencast which demonstrates these two styles on a really old theme that wasn’t originally designed to support threaded comments.

This can be useful to to theme developers who would rather make use of this comments template instead of designing their own, or at least use their own styles to sculpt the comments form to their liking with the built-in comment stylesheets disabled.

Let me know what you think of this plugin in the comments. Would you consider using this plugin on your sites? Here’s the link again.


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