How to Display Post, Page and Comment Counts in WordPress

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Do you want to display the post, page, and comment counts via a template? Here’s a selection of snippets that help you do that. This snippet lets you show how many posts, pages and custom posts are published and are saved as draft. You can also show the number of comments under these lists: Pending, approved, spam, trash and total.


All you have to do is add these snippets to your template file.
Snippet #1

// count posts
$n_post = wp_count_posts();
$n_post_publish = $n_post->publish;
$n_post_drafts = $n_post->draft;

// count pages
$n_page = wp_count_posts('page');
$n_page_publish = $n_page->publish;
$n_page_drafts = $n_page->draft;

// count custom post types
$n_cpt = wp_count_posts('CUSTOM_POST_TYPE_NAME');
$n_cpt_publish = $n_cpt->publish;
$n_cpt_drafts = $n_cpt->draft;

// count comments
$n_comments = wp_count_comments();
$n_comments_moderated = $n_comments->moderated;
$n_comments_approved = $n_comments->approved;
$n_comments_spam = $n_comments->spam;
$n_comments_trash = $n_comments->trash;
$n_comments_total = $n_comments->total_comments;

Snippet #2

        <!-- posts -->
	<li>Post publish: <? echo $n_post_publish; ?></li>
	<li>Post drafts: <? echo $n_post_drafts; ?></li>
        <!-- pages -->
	<li>Page publish: <? echo $n_page_publish; ?></li>
	<li>Page drafts: <? echo $n_page_drafts; ?></li>
        <!-- custom post types -->
	<li>Custom post publish: <? echo $n_cpt_publish; ?></li>
	<li>Custom post drafts: <? echo $n_cpt_drafts; ?></li>
        <!-- comments -->
	<li>Coments moderated: <? echo $n_comments_moderated; ?></li>
	<li>Coments approved: <? echo $n_comments_approved; ?></li>
	<li>Coments spam: <? echo $n_comments_spam; ?></li>
	<li>Coments trash: <? echo $n_comments_trash; ?></li>
	<li>Coments total: <? echo $n_comments_total; ?></li>

Note: If this is your first time adding code snippets in WordPress, then please refer to our guide on how to properly copy / paste code snippets in WordPress, so you don’t accidentally break your site.

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  1. Hello, I have written the first snippet in code snippet. But then, how can I display the amounts?

  2. Hi, love the code,it works great. One question though, how do I get this count to display on the front end? Specifically for a variety of different Custom Post Types.

  3. Hi Kevin, I am from Turkey so sorry my bad English language. I have a download a web site and I want to see Custom field count. For exapmple; read/download: 100/37 what can I do?

  4. thanks its working

  5. May I congratulate you on your intelligent work.You have won me over and gained a new fan. Compared to most articles on the web this is a joy to read, I am overjoyed that I came upon your work. I promise to be linking to this on all my blogs.

    1.  Wow thanks, this is very nice to hear. I’m glad that I could post content that is of such value to people that they post great comments like this. Thanks again

  6. Hi,your code for showing the number of pages doesn’t work,you should change pages parameter in line 7 to page in order to work

    1. Good catch on the typo thanks, updated the post.

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