How to Allow Users to Report Comments in WordPress

In the wonderful world of the web there can be incredible people out in your comments and there can be those who are harmful to people’s experience on your site. As a single person it can become difficult with a growing site to ensure all of the bad comments are dealt with in a timely fashion without help. Your users can help you find and remove these types of comments if you add the ability. In this article, I will show you how to allow users to report comments on your WordPress site.

Start with installing Safe Report Comments plugin. After activating it you will go to Settings » Discussion and ensure the box next to “Allow comment flagging” is checked. Below that you can decide how many reports you think should be needed to send a post to moderation.

Allow users to report comments

A link called “Report comment” will now appear below each comment on your site that users can click on to report it. When a comment is reported more times than it’s threshold it will be put in for moderation. From there the site administrator can edit, approve, or delete the comment.

Edit Reported Post
I hope this article helped you moderate your comments.

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