Themify (2019)


Trusted by over 80,000 customers, Themify is one of the most popular theme marketplaces for WordPress. Every Themify theme is bundled with Themify Builder that lets you create any kind of layouts without code. With our exclusive Themify coupon code, you’ll get 20% discount on any theme purchase on Themify store.

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How to use the Themify Coupon Code?

IsItWP users can grab this exclusive Themify coupon code to enjoy a 20% discount on every Themify WordPress theme. In order to redeem our Themify coupon code, simply follow the instructions given below.

First, you need to open Themify website and choose a theme that you want to purchase.


In this example, let’s choose Ultra theme. This will direct you to the Ultra theme’s page.

Go ahead and click on the Buy Now button and select a plan.


Then, you will see the checkout page. In this page, you need to enter your name and email address. Then choose a username and password for your Themify account.


As you scroll down, you will see the option to add the coupon code. Enter the Themify coupon code wpbeginner and click on the Next button to continue the checkout process.


You’ll now be directed to the PayPal page to complete the order. That’s it.

We hope you found our Themify coupon code useful.

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