How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Yesterday I had a friend ask how to get more likes on Facebook. She and her business partner have been working on their business for about a year, but their Facebook likes aren’t moving in the right direction and they use it as their main marketing source. After sharing some ideas with her I thought […]

How to Use Pinterest for Business: The Ultimate Resource

Do you want to learn how to use Pinterest for business needs? When Pinterest first showed up a few years ago it was largely ignored by many businesses as a consumer time waster. Many marketers believed in the myths: that their target market isn’t on pinterest, only women are on Pinterest, and the only things that […]

Best Way to Make Your Logo with an Online Logo Creator

You have an idea for a business and your getting your website together. You’re searching for the perfect theme for your business and you want to know how to make a logo quickly and painlessly. With all the resources online, you can create your logo with an online logo maker in 30 minutes or less. […]

Marketing for Accountants: How to Get More Clients

Marketing for accountants can be a simple task if you setup an inbound marketing strategy. The steps to do that are to build up your website with useful information that your prospective clients are searching for and separate yourself from the competition. Your goal is to build your website and add informative, actionable information which increases traffic to your site. […]