Add a Widgetized Footer to Your WordPress Theme

The inspiration for this tutorial comes from a tweet I received with feedback for the soon-to-be-released RS12 theme. Although the widgetized footer did not ultimately make it in the release of the RS12 theme, I decided to write this tutorial to show people how exactly to add a widgetized footer in your theme. In this […]

How To Add PollDaddy Polls On WordPress Blogs

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a tutorial here. I thought with Automattic’s acquisition of PollDaddy, this would be a good opportunity to write one about adding polls to your self-hosted WordPress blogs, more specifically – PollDaddy polls. In this tutorial I’ll go over: Installing the PollDaddy plugin Signing up to PollDaddy (if […]

WordPress Smiley Spam Technique

I’m not sure if this technique has been around a while or what, but I’ve just noticed it. Someone just tried to leave a comment on older post here at Theme Lab with the usual “nice post thanks” and a 🙂 smiley as the anchor text (or image in this case). How It’s Done These […]

How To Efficiently Set Up WordPress Theme Demos

If you’re a WordPress theme author of multiple themes, then you’ll probably want a more efficient way of handling “live demos” than setting up a brand new WordPress installation on each. I personally use the theme switcher plugin on my live demo site. What this plugin will allow you to do is set up a […]

Are You Killing Your Own WordPress SEO?

On a WordPress site of mine, I was perplexed as to why it was not getting indexed in Google or other search engines. I verified my site in Google Webmaster Tools and tried to submit a sitemap. In the webmaster tools panel, it informed me that my robots.txt file was blocking Google from grabbing my […]

Dipslaying Code In WordPress Posts

Sites that frequently publish code examples, such as tutorial sites, need an easy way to display code on their pages. Fortunately for WordPress users, there are several great ways to display codes in your posts. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about: Manually displaying code The WP Code Shield plugin SyntaxHighligter Plus If you run a […]

Reset Your WordPress Password via phpMyAdmin

It seems since the release of WordPress 2.5.1 – WordPress users have been experiencing issues with the built in password reset function. Basically, the reset password function doesn’t work because the e-mail that’s supposed to contain the reset link never comes. Not to worry, there is still hope if you have forgotten or lost your […]

Use FeedBurner to Manage Your WordPress Feeds

FeedBurner is an essential tool for many bloggers. FeedBurner is a tool for managing, syndicating, and promoting your blog feeds. Best of all, it’s a free service. It’s very easy to get started and in this guide, I’ll show you how. Burn your FeedBurner feed Redirect your WordPress feed to FeedBurner Recommended FeedBurner services Start […]

Ever Wanted To Remove The /category/ Base?

One plugin which I use frequently on my WordPress development projects is the Top Level Categories plugin. What this plugin will do is remove the /category/ from the URL upon activation. For example: will change to No other configuration to the plugin is needed, all you need to do is activate. This plugin […]

Fix WordPress Fatal error: Call to undefined function

If you get an error like this, there is a plugin or other function called in your theme which you don’t have. How do you fix this? There are a few ways: remove the code, error proof it, get the necessary plugin, or upgrade WordPress if necessary. In this quick WordPress tip post we’ll go […]