Highlight Author Comments in WordPress, The Easier Right Way

I just came across a post published today which goes over “the right way” to highlight author comments in WordPress. Basically, instead of the usual code that inserts the “admincomment” class for just the first user (user ID 1). In the post, that code is adapted for any post author, no matter what the user […]

How to Hide the WordPress Stats Smiley the Right Way

For anyone who uses the WordPress.com stats plugin, you’ll notice it inserts a small smiley image in your footer. This image needs to be loaded to track the stats. Some people might think this little smiley face is “cute”. The rest of you will find the smiley image unsightly (and possibly evil looking) and will […]

How to Create a Comments Central Page Template in WordPress

One way to increase visitor engagements is to reward their comments by showcasing them on your website. Additionally, you can also feature the top commenters as well, linking back to their website in the process. Here we’ll create a dedicated Page Template to display those comments and commenters in one place. In short, this tutorial […]

Get a CSS Killswitch Effect With Only One Line of Code

I recently came across a site on Twitter called CSS Killswitch. What is it exactly? According to their site: “CSS Killswitch lets you non-destructively black out a difficult client’s website with the click of a button.” The Code If you try out their “two second demo” you’ll see all it basically does it make your […]

What Makes a “SEO-Friendly” WordPress Theme?

There’s a lot of hullabaloo regarding “SEO” when it comes to WordPress themes. In this series of posts, I’ll go over what most people believe is “good SEO” when it comes to web templates. If your theme doesn’t have it already, I’ll show you how to “correct” it. Content ordering, and how to make sure […]

Stop Complaining About Scrapers and Start Taking Advantage of Them

If you have a semi-popular blog, chances are you have a few scraper sites copying your posts directly from your feed. When you catch a site doing this, you’ll probably be pretty upset at first, seeing as they just copied all your hard work, and probably didn’t even give you credit. Instead of getting mad, […]

Stop Downloading WordPress Themes from Shady Sites

So, you go to Google and type in a search for “WordPress themes.” You skip past the official WordPress theme directory because out of the 1,000+ themes hosted there, you couldn’t find one you liked. So you move on to another site that has a great collection of free themes, you download one you like […]

Restrict WordPress Admin Access by IP Address

This is a guest post by Eric Sizemore, a web developer, programmer, and domainer. In light of recent events, anyone using WordPress is apparently susceptible to what’s being called “Distributed WordPress admin account cracking”. You can view this article for more information. This post aims to provide an extra layer of security both to your […]

WordPress 2.8.3 Security Fix: Admin Password Reset

Just found out about a potentially annoying WordPress 2.8.3 security issue. Basically, anyone can reset your admin password without any confirmation. This could be a major annoyance if someone decides to reset your admin password constantly. I just tested this (on one of my own test blogs, of course) and it actually works. After anyone […]

Disable Syntax Highlighting in WordPress 2.8

I was initially excited about the CodePress syntax highlighting in WordPress 2.8, although after actually using it recently, I changed my mind. While just the syntax highlighting alone is not a problem, the way it completes quotes, and auto indents makes it somewhat annoying to say the least. I asked on Twitter, and found a […]