How to Change or Remove the Category Base from WordPress

When using pretty permalinks, WordPress adds /category/ to the category URLs, e.g. This /category/ part is called category base. In this article, I will show you how to change or remove category base from WordPress. How to Change Category Base in WordPress Your category and tag base can be modified at the bottom of […]

How To Remove or Replace the WordPress Visual Editor

The WordPress visual editor is a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor, which allows content to be easily formatted. It works word processors such as Microsoft Word. For example, to make a word bold, all you need to do is highlight the word and then click on the bold icon. The visual editor, is one of the reasons […]

How to Protect Your WordPress Site From Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a growing concern among site owners. WordPress creates several pages with duplicate content, this includes date archives, categories, tags, etc. Apart from these, content scrapers are also a threat to newer sites. Sometimes these content scrapers could even rank higher than the original site. In this article, I will talk about protecting […]

How to Tweak Your WordPress Website Colors

There are WordPress frameworks available that allow you to choose the colors your website uses. Most themes however control the color scheme of your website directly through the style.css stylesheet template. Modifying your color scheme through your stylesheet is not as user-friendly as using a color picker. Therefore, non-technical users may find this method of […]

Why You Need an Email List to Build Your Personal Brand

In his good bye post, Leland told the story of ThemeLab and how it helped him grow. Reading his post, you will notice that he mentioned some of the mistakes he made. One of the mistakes he mentioned was not paying enough attention to develop his personal brand. It is great to have Twitter followers […]

How To (Efficiently) Load Social Sharing Buttons with WordPress

Before I begin, let me just say that I am extremely picky about anything that involves loading any scripts or dependencies from a third-party site. Nowadays, if you want to have a simple “Like” button on your site for a popular social network, they’ll probably require you to load their JavaScript from their server to […]

Get The Google Malware Hammer For Commented Out CSS

Yes, you read that right. Here’s the deal: WPTavern interviews a split-testing service Split-testing service site gets flagged for malware (terrible timing, I know). Why? Because their style.css had a comment referencing another site with an actual malware infection. That’s it. Read more about it in this comment. If you’re a WordPress consultant, developer, or […]

Shortcodes Should Never Be Included With Themes. Period.

ThemeForest recently updated their submission requirements to be more inline with WordPress theme development best practices.

While definitely a huge step in the right direction, there’s still a problem.

How To Create A Custom Twitter Feed With WordPress

If you’re using WordPress and you noticed your nicely styled Twitter feed suddenly stopped working, read this post.

You’ll need to use an entirely new method to pull the tweets with Twitter’s new API, and I’ll explain how.

Why WordPress Widgets Vanish When Migrating to New URL

I was working on a client site the other day and noticed a strange issue: almost all of my widgets vanished when I migrated the site from a local server to a separate development server.

Here’s how I fixed it.