The Easy Way To Display Recent Posts in WordPress

You don’t need any custom queries or database calls just to get a list of recent posts. In fact, there’s a function built into WordPress that will do just that. It’s called, wp_get_archives(). You might recognize that as a way to display monthly archives, but with a few parameters, you can modify it to display […]

Display Inline Ads With Custom Fields and WordPress, an extremely popular blogging blog, recently published an article about ad positioning, and how inline ads outperformed other ad positions for him. After this is done, you’ll be able to add inline advertisements to specific posts using custom fields. Not just that, but you’ll be able to specify the ad size as well. Now […]

Change Your WordPress Author Name…Please

I know this tip may be very obvious to some, but I keep seeing “admin” as the author name on many WordPress blogs. I thought I’d write this quick tip post because these WordPress bloggers may not even know how to change the publicly displayed author name. Fortunately, this is very simple to do. In […]

Preview Your WordPress Theme Before It Goes Live

If you want to test out a WordPress theme before it goes live on your blog, then I’ve found the perfect WordPress plugin for you. It is called Theme Test Drive. It’s very simple to use. Get the plugin from here at the plugin directory, install the plugin, and activate. On your design menu, […]

How To Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

There have been lots of complaints about WordPress’ visual editor. It adds extra (usually unwanted) formatting whenever you have a line break. It’s just a pain to deal with. Understandably, I personally never use it. For those who may not be knowledgeable at HTML, there are excellent alternatives available. In this guide I’ll go over: […]

Is your uploader broken in WordPress 2.5?

If you’re getting one of those HTTP Error messages after crunching your batch uploads in WordPress 2.5, I have some solutions for you. These errors have plagued people on the WordPress support forums ever since 2.5 was released. The problem may lay with your web hosting configuration, your browser settings, or maybe something else. Don’t […]

Add Gravatar Support to Your WordPress Comments

After a few different people requested Gravatar support in the comments for the popular Choice WordPress theme, I decided to look into it more carefully. I came across this great post by HackWordPress which gives you a small code snippet to add Gravatars to your comments loop. Since then, I’ve been adding Gravatar support to […]

Make a Sitemap Page For Your WordPress Blog

Sitemaps can be an important factor in making your site more navigable and accessible. And no, I’m not talking about the Google XML Sitemaps which you submit directly directly to Google – never to be seen by human eyes. I’m talking about an actual page on your site that has a list of all your […]

Easily Add Videos to Your WordPress Blogs

With the online video industry taking off, you may want to know some easy ways to add video to your WordPress sites. There are several great WordPress plugins for adding video content to your blogs. In this guide I’ll go over: Adding your own hosted .flv videos to WordPress How to embed videos from video […]

You Don’t Need a Blog On Your Front Page

Did you know you can display a static page as your front page, instead of the usual blog? In this guide I’ll go over a little known way to do this within WordPress. No plugins or hacks needed (although they might help). You’ll learn the following: How to use one of your regular WordPress pages […]