How to Add a Scrolling News Ticker in WordPress

When you watch the news or check out stocks you will probably see words scrolling across the bottom of the screen, this is called a ticker. You may be thinking of starting a news website or simply want a professional looking way to show updates about your site and want to use that style. In […]

How to Block Imposter Comments in WordPress

As your WordPress site and your reputation grows there will be new issues to overcome. One such issue that people who send out emails may encounter is someone pretending to be them in the comments section. There are a few ways to prevent this issue but, the one I want to show is one of […]

How to Create a Floating Sidebar Widget in WordPress

A floating element that stays on the side of your screen is more likely to gain a user’s attention over a static object. You can put your most important content there, like your email list form. In this article, I will show you how to create a floating sidebar widget in WordPress. I will start […]

How to Modify Custom Post Types in WordPress

Starting out on your WordPress site you may have made a few posts or pages to learn the ropes and wish to modify their category to fit with how your content flows currently. You could also be looking to make a post into its own page or a page into a post. In this article […]

How to Easily Switch User Accounts in WordPress

When running a multi user WordPress site, you will often need to switch user accounts to see how users see the functionality. This could become quite a chore if you have to do this a lot more often. In this article, I will show you how to easily switch user accounts in WordPress. First thing […]

How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress

Email harvesting remains a problem for anyone who publishes their email address online. Many website owners tackle spammers from collecting their email by displaying their email address to visitors using images. A more practical and user-friendly solution is to add a contact form to your website. There are hundreds of contact form solutions available to […]

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Things do not always go as planned. Setting up a backup for WordPress is your first line of defense in case anything ever happens to your website. We have talked about how important it is to backup your WordPress site. In this article, I am going to show you the best WordPress backup plugins. In […]

How to Automatically Tweet a New Post in WordPress

With social media and word of mouth being incredibly strong tools for marketing your site it is good to know how to use Twitter to announce a new post. In this article, I will show you how to announce your new posts on Twitter with a helpful plugin called WP to Twitter. Start with installing […]

How to Use Spelling Check in WordPress

Spelling errors on a website can cause confusion and may even leave a bad impression on your users. WordPress is used by people from all over the world and is used to create websites in hundreds of languages. Thats one of the reason why WordPress does not come with a spelling or grammar checking tool. […]

How to Create an XML Sitemap in WordPress

Sitemaps allow website owners to inform search engines where all their content is located. This helps search engines crawl your website more effectively. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an XML sitemap in WordPress using two popular plugins: WordPress SEO and Google XML Sitemaps. Both plugins can create an XML sitemap […]