Premium Mod is For Sale on Flippa

I just stumbled across for sale on Flippa. In case you missed it, all the background info you could ever possibly need about it is in my interview with the owner of Premium Mod (including the comment section) posted in November of last year.

I’m not that shocked to see it for sale, as it seemed to have rapidly lost it’s momentum ever since the interview, a couple subsequent theme releases and it’s contest. I think if continued it could have made a much bigger impact on the theme community than it did.

Since the last time I saw it, Premium Mod seems to have restructured from a blog format to more of a business model, offering a premium theme customization service. As the owner of Custom Theme, I can tell you there is indeed a big market for customizations of existing themes.

Considering the love/hate relationship the WordPress community seems to have with Premium Mod, I’m not sure who would be the ideal buyer for this. Possibly an experienced theme modder who could use it for leads, although I can’t imagine anyone resurrecting the theme mod “movement” they seemed to originally push for.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Update: April 10, 2010 – It appears the owner has set a BIN price of $20,000. High bid is currently $251.


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