WordPress Weekend Resources – October 19, 2008

Another week has passed, which means more WordPress resources! Building a Control Panel for Your WordPress Theme – For WordPress theme authors out there, Ahmad of Custom Theme Design goes over how to create a control panel for your WordPress theme in this detailed tutorial. Complete with code examples! Ultimate Guide to WordPress SEO – […]

The Flexibility of WordPress

I’ve always been a firm believer that WordPress can be more than just a “blogging platform.” With the power of themes and plugins, WordPress can be extended to do much more than just blog. This post over at the ThemeForest blog highlights several examples of WordPress themes that bring WordPress to higher levels of functionality. […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – October 11, 2008

Another week has passed, which means another set of weekend resources. 13 WordPress Plugins You Probably Don’t Use But Should – Okay, I admit I’m a sucker for these list posts. This one, however, had several plugins I’ve never heard of before. Has several admin tools, social plugins, and others for you to check out. […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – October 3, 2008

First of all, sorry for skipping WordPress weekend resources last week. Here’s a new set. WordPress 2.7 Comments Enhancements – An in-depth article by Otto going over the comment changes in WordPress 2.7, and how to integrate them in your themes. A must-read for theme authors. 11 Top WordPress Plugins – This article by Joost […]

Revolution Theme To Become Open Source

In case you haven’t heard, Brian Gardner has just announced the Revolution Theme will become open source. I was honestly shocked when I heard this news just yesterday. With all the debate going on about the ethics of premium themes recently, perhaps Brian (and Jason Schuller) decided it was time to go along with the […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – September 19, 2008

Another week has passed, which means another set of WordPress weekend resources. WordPress Developer’s Toolbox – A massive collection of WordPress-related resources, compiled by Smashing Magazine. The collection may be a little overwhelming at first, and it does look a bit jumbled to me. There’s some good stuff there though. WordPress .XML Test Data Import […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – September 12, 2008

Another week has passed, which means another week of WordPress weekend resources. WordPress Logos and Graphics – A collection of official WordPress logos, buttons, and wallpapers. Also has the official WordPress color palette. This stuff is the “real deal.” Create an Ajax-based Auto-completing Search Field for your WordPress Theme – A very interesting tutorial written […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – September 5, 2008

Another week has passed, another set of WordPress weekend resources. 45 Beautiful and Creative (WordPress) Designs – Six Revisions compiles an amazing collection of very creative WordPress-powered site designs. First Look At WordPress 2.7 – Jeff Chandler of Weblog Tools Collection takes a very in-depth look of the upcoming WordPress 2.7 release, tentatively scheduled to […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – August 29, 2008

Here’s another issue of WordPress weekend resources. 30 Free High Quality WordPress Themes – Another excellent free WordPress theme collection from Smashing Magazine. Theme Lab had 3 themes included: Colourise, Miniml, and WP Imagination. How to make a “child theme” for WordPress – A very in-depth tutorial about designing child themes for WordPress. 10 WordPress […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – August 22, 2008

Another week gone, another set of WordPress weekend resources! U.S. Government Agencies Using WordPress – This post by Mark Jaquith lists 16 U.S. Government agencies which use WordPress in one way or another. It would be nice if there were links to these agencies’ WordPress sites (the public ones at least), but still an impressive […]