WordPress Weekend Resources: September 11, 2009

Been a few weeks since the last round of WordPress resources, so hopefully there are some good ones in this bunch to make up for it.

Adding and using custom user profile fields – In another great tutorial from Justin Tadlock, he goes over how to use user profile fields in your theme, as well as how to make your own custom user profile fields such as a “Twitter” field. This can be useful on a multi-author blog to display author info on each of their respective posts.

Allow title overwrite on your WordPress blog – This WordPress recipe gives you the code to override the page title displayed on your blog. This can be especially useful for SEO, since you can use your regular title in your title tag, with a custom title on the actual page.

Best WordPress 404 Error Page Designs – This post at WPBeginner not only showcases a number of creative 404 page designs, it also goes over some best practices when it comes to error pages, and outlines the basics of making your own 404 template in your WordPress theme.

Free eBook: A Beginner’s Guide To WordPress Theme Development – This is a free eBook written by Alex Denning which outlines how to develop your own WordPress themes. In the book you go over the fundamentals of every WordPress theme, along with more information on the various template files included in a theme.

10 Ways to Customize and Personalize your WordPress Blog – This post over at Pro Blog Design outlines several ways to customize your WordPress blog. Tips include having a default Gravatar, as well as having a personalized login page. Each tip comes with example images and links to further resources.

That’s about it for this week. I regularly tweet links to WordPress resources like this on Twitter, among other things. Make sure you follow me if you don’t already.


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