WordPress Weekend Resources – June 12, 2009

Since WordPress 2.8 was just released yesterday, I thought it might be a good idea for this week’s issue of WordPress Weekend Resources to focus specifically on 2.8-related content.

WordPress Version 2.8 – The WordPress 2.8 page over at the Codex. The page is broken up into 4 parts: highlights, new features, advanced features, and features that did not make it. Definitely worth skimming through to get an idea of all that was added.

WordPress 2.8: What’s new – An extensive post on what’s new in WordPress 2.8, mostly from a developer’s point of view. Things like the new body_class function, proxy support, and relational navigation links, among other new features are all covered on this article.

WordPress 2.8 And 10 Things That You Should Know Before/After You Upgrade – This post goes over 2 things to go over before upgrading, and 8 things you should be aware of after upgrading. Aside from the obvious theme/plugin compatibility check, it also goes over a number of the updated features present in 2.8, complete with screenshots.

There are a few more in-depth articles on specific WordPress 2.8 features, although the above are mostly roundups. If you know of any other WordPress 2.8-related resources, feel free to post in the comments.


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