WordPress Weekend Resources – July 11, 2008

Another week has gone by, and here’s another week of WordPress weekend resources.

20+ Must-Have WordPress 2.5 Compatible Plugins – As the title says, this list at Mashable gives you over 20 “must-have” plugins for WordPress. It’s quite a nice list, although most I have already heard of. Maybe you’ll find something new though.

WordPress Template Tags Reference Guide – This performs a similar role as the WordPress template tag lookup tool here at Theme Lab, although formatted a bit differently. This reference has the tags sorted by category. An interesting way to learn template tags you may not be familiar with.

Alex King On WordPress Weekly – This week’s episode of WordPress Weekly will feature a one hour interview with WordPress developer Alex King. He is well-known for his development of popular WordPress plugins such as Popularity Contest – which by the way, is not compatible with WordPress 2.5.


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