WordPress Weekend Resources – August 14, 2009

Another couple weeks have gone by, so here’s another set of WordPress weekend resources.

How to disable scripts and styles – In this post, Justin Tadlock goes over how to disable scripts and styles added to your WordPress sites by plugins. This has a number of uses, for example if you don’t want the Contact Form 7 stylesheet to load on other pages besides your “Contact” page.

10 Most Wanted Category Hacks and Plugins for WordPress – This post over at WPBeginner goes over several useful hacks related to WordPress categories. Learn how to use category icons, exclude certain categories from your menus, and more.

Top 5 WordPress Security Tips You Most Likely Don’t Follow – This post by Brad Williams over at WPTavern goes over a number of useful WordPress security tips, such as not using the admin account. Some people in the comments mention that some of these methods are “security through obscurity” although the tips are useful nonetheless.

WLTC Contest WordPress Plugins – This is a list of plugins submit to the Weblog Tools Collection plugin competition of 2009. Some very interesting plugins are included such as the One Time Password plugin, and a bunch of Twitter-related plugins. All of them are up for download.

Thanks for reading. If you know of any other recently published WordPress resources, let me know.


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