Justin Tadlock Launches WordPress Theme Club

Justin Tadlock, a well-known WordPress theme designer, has just announced his new WordPress theme club – Theme Hybrid. Theme Hybrid offers 2 types of memberships – free and exclusive (paid), which costs $25 per year. At the moment, there seems to be several free themes and one exclusive theme.

Exclusive members will get to enjoy 2 new “Child” themes per month. These are themes which hook onto a parent theme for added styling and/or functionality. As far as my understanding goes, they can also make it easier to upgrade themes, especially in bulk. Only the “Parent” theme would need to be updated.

I know this whole child theme/parent theme sounds really confusing. Hopefully once I learn a little bit more about them I can start writing about them on Theme Lab.

Be sure to check out Justin’s new project. It looks to be an exciting step forward in the world of WordPress themes.


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