WordPress Theme Authenticity Checker

I just came across this excellent WordPress plugin, and thought I would share it with all of you. It’s called the Theme Authenticity Checker, or TAC for short. What this plugin does is scan for encrypted code and other suspicious looking material within a theme. If you have a theme with base64 encoding, for example, […]

If A Commenter Does Not Have A Gravatar

Let’s face it, not everyone who comments on your Gravatar-enabled blog has a Gravatar. Instead, commenters lacking their Gravatar are assigned a boring default icon. What if these commenters could have their own uniquely generated icon, that remained constant as long as their e-mail remained the same? That’s where these WordPress plugins come into play: […]

The 3 Most Underrated WordPress Plugins

There are certain WordPress plugins you hear about all the time. You see them repeated across multiple blogs as the “best” WordPress plugins like a broken record. Who ever looks back and tries to find underrated WordPress plugins though? These are plugins that don’t get much publicity, but are very useful in one way or […]

The All In One SEO Pack Killer Has Arrived

It was only a matter of time before a superior WordPress SEO plugin came along to dethrone the extremely popular All In One SEO Pack. After a change of ownership, questions arose as to whether the new owner would keep it up to date with the latest SEO trends. Others would be happy as long […]

All In One SEO Pack Will Stay Supported

For those of you who aren’t aware, there was a little scare in the WordPress SEO community when it was discovered that the All In One SEO pack plugin, originally authored by Uberdose, would no longer be supported. I heard over at Hack WordPress that the plugin support and development will now be handled by […]

Dipslaying Code In WordPress Posts

Sites that frequently publish code examples, such as tutorial sites, need an easy way to display code on their pages. Fortunately for WordPress users, there are several great ways to display codes in your posts. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about: Manually displaying code The WP Code Shield plugin SyntaxHighligter Plus If you run a […]

Use FeedBurner to Manage Your WordPress Feeds

FeedBurner is an essential tool for many bloggers. FeedBurner is a tool for managing, syndicating, and promoting your blog feeds. Best of all, it’s a free service. It’s very easy to get started and in this guide, I’ll show you how. Burn your FeedBurner feed Redirect your WordPress feed to FeedBurner Recommended FeedBurner services Start […]

How To Get Rid of the WordPress Visual Editor

There have been lots of complaints about WordPress’ visual editor. It adds extra (usually unwanted) formatting whenever you have a line break. It’s just a pain to deal with. Understandably, I personally never use it. For those who may not be knowledgeable at HTML, there are excellent alternatives available. In this guide I’ll go over: […]

GaMerZ Plugins Now Compatible With WordPress 2.5

To anyone that isn’t aware, Lester Chan (GaMerZ) is a WordPress plugin author that has released some very useful plugins that I use myself on this site, including the WP-PageNavi (for page navigation) and Download Manager (for tracking downloads on the free WordPress themes page). He has just announced a few days ago a large […]

Is your uploader broken in WordPress 2.5?

If you’re getting one of those HTTP Error messages after crunching your batch uploads in WordPress 2.5, I have some solutions for you. These errors have plagued people on the WordPress support forums ever since 2.5 was released. The problem may lay with your web hosting configuration, your browser settings, or maybe something else. Don’t […]