Wpdesigner sold for $66,000!

As a follow up to my Wpdesigner for sale blog post (which was in turn a follow up to my membership giveaway), I’m here to announce that Wpdesigner has finally sold on SitePoint for a cool 66 grand. Yes, you read that right, $66,000 American dollars. I’m glad Small Potato got a great price for […]

Wpdesigner for sale

I know this post is a little late, but better late than never. As a follow up to my previous post about Wpdesigner’s $5 themes club giveaway, it came as a shock to me when Small Potato (owner of Wpdesigner) announced that Wpdesigner is for sale a couple days ago. With the possible sale of […]

Wpdesigner $5 Themes Club FREE

Okay, here’s the deal. Small Potato over at Wpdesigner recently launched a $5 Themes Club. What is a “themes club” exactly? Most membership-based template clubs will offer access to a collection of templates, along with access to any future templates added to the mix as well. Some have “membership levels” which may limit your use […]

Are you a free CSS template designer?

I’ll code your templates into WordPress for free. If you design free open source CSS templates and looking for a WordPress coder to port your template, I’m your guy. If you don’t know what WordPress is, it’s a powerful and very popular blog publishing software. This site uses it, along with countless other blogs and […]