Interview with the Owner of Premium Mod

Last Friday in WP Chat I had the opportunity to chat with the owner of Premium Mod, a site which offers modified versions of commercial GPL themes for free. For more background information, be sure to check out this launch announcement post to get a better idea of what they offer. We agreed to do […]

Are Free WordPress Themes Dead?

Alex Denning over at WPShout brings up an interesting point in his post titled Free WordPress Themes? Forget it. It’s Over. Basically, he argues that free WordPress themes aren’t getting the love and attention they used to, mostly due to commercial themes taking all the spotlight. So do I think free WordPress themes dead? No, […]

Just Interviewed on WPTavern

In case you don’t follow me on Twitter and/or missed my tweet, I was interviewed on WPTavern yesterday, a well known WordPress community site run by Jeff Chandler. If you ever wanted to know… How long I’ve been a part of the WordPress community The process of releasing a theme on Theme Lab Some of […]

Ice Breaker – Free WordPress Domain Parking Theme

Ice Breaker is a free WordPress domain parking theme that I just released over at Custom Theme. It has four different color options, custom widgets, among other interesting features. I know this isn’t the typical WordPress theme you see around here, mainly because it’s not made for content. The main purpose of this theme is […]

WordPress Weekend Resources: September 11, 2009

Been a few weeks since the last round of WordPress resources, so hopefully there are some good ones in this bunch to make up for it. Adding and using custom user profile fields – In another great tutorial from Justin Tadlock, he goes over how to use user profile fields in your theme, as well […]

Photocrati – Photography WordPress Themes

This is just a quick announcement post about a photography blog I recently came across with an interesting business model: selling WordPress themes on the side. As you can imagine, they are photography-oriented themes. At the moment, they have five different themes priced at $59 each, or you could get them all for $99. All […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – August 14, 2009

Another couple weeks have gone by, so here’s another set of WordPress weekend resources. How to disable scripts and styles – In this post, Justin Tadlock goes over how to disable scripts and styles added to your WordPress sites by plugins. This has a number of uses, for example if you don’t want the Contact […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – July 31, 2009

Another week has passed, which means another issue of WordPress weekend resources. How to Display Ratings with WordPress Links – This tutorial by Zach Dunn over at Build Internet goes over how to take advantage of a feature already built in to WordPress’ link management system. It goes over all the code you’ll need to […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – July 17, 2009

It’s been a couple weeks, so here’s another issue of WordPress weekend resources. 5 Useful And Creative Ways To Use WordPress Widgets – This is an article I wrote over at Smashing Magazine. It goes over some useful ways to use WordPress widgets, including having multiple widget-ready areas among other things. 5 Fresh WordPress Plugins […]

WordPress Weekend Resources – July 3, 2009

I know it’s been a couple weeks since the last issue of WordPress weekend resources. The following links cover a massive amount of WordPress theme development information, so hopefully it makes up for it. How To Create a WordPress Theme – This series of posts by Ian Stewart over at ThemeShaper will take you through […]