How to Block Imposter Comments in WordPress

As your WordPress site and your reputation grows there will be new issues to overcome. One such issue that people who send out emails may encounter is someone pretending to be them in the comments section. There are a few ways to prevent this issue but, the one I want to show is one of the simplest ways for users who do not want to edit settings.

I start by installing a plugin called Impostercide and activating it. That is all, there are no settings to tweak or values to enter.

The plugin will stop a user who is not logged in from posting using a registered user’s information. This may cause issues if you have users who refuse to log in to post comments as it will tell them to log in, shown below.

Prevent Comments Impostor

This plugin’s main purpose is to help ensure that there are no false admins telling others to check out a spam site or a spammer pretending to be registered user to post without needing approval. It is a very compact plugin that should not slow down your site and should help reduce moderation needs.

Hopefully this simple plugin helped ensure that your comments are from the real users of your site.

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